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Models and Algorithms for the Reconfiguration of Virtual Enterprise Information System Structure

control: survey,” IFAC SAFEPROCESS’97, Hull, UK, vol.2, p.1033+, August 1997 [16] S. M. Joshi, “Design of failure accommodating multiloop LQG type controllers,” IEEE Trans.Automat.Cont., vol.32, no.8, 1987. [17] R. Veillette, I. Medanic, and W. Perkins, “Design of reliable control systems,” IEEE Trans.Automat.Cont., vol.37, no.3, p.290+, 1992 [18] Q. Zhao and J. Jiang, “Reliable state feedback control system design against actuator failures,” Automatica, vol.43, no.10, p.1267+, 1998. [19] J. S. Eterno, J. L

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Hybrid modeling and model based control of the four tank process

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