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Intracoronary cavitation as a cause of plaque rupture and thrombosis propagation in patients with acute myocardial infarction: A computational study

flow. Velocity profiles of the blood flow were modelled as previously described to simulate the rheologic conditions of hemodynamically stable patients.[ 6 ] Only the diastolic phase, with a mean blood pressure of 80 mmHg (10665 Pa) was considered for the simulation, since the coronary perfusion strictly depends on this part of the cardiac cycle. A two-phase Euler-Euler flow was simulated with the Volume of Fluid (VoF) method to track the phase’s interfaces. Both the equations of conservation of mass and momentum have been solved for the homogeneous mixture of the

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Non-invasive evaluation of fluid dynamic of aortoiliac atherosclerotic disease: Impact of bifurcation angle and different stent configurations

the calculation cell. [ 8 , 9 ] Wall shear stress (Pa) has been defined as the force that is tangentially acting on the surface due to friction. Vorticity magnitude represents the magnitude of the vorticity vector. Vorticity is a measure of the rotation of a fluid element as it moves in the domain, and it has been defined as the curl of the velocity vector. Stream function has been considered as the relationship between the streamlines and the statement of conservation of mass. Finally, skin friction coefficient has been considered as a non-dimensional parameter

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