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Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing Control in the Exclusive Economic Zone: a Brief Appraisal of Regulatory Deficits and Accountability Strategies

. Estimating the Worldwide Extent of Illegal Fishing. PLoS ONE 4, no. 2. Agnew D. J. Pearce J. Pramod G. Peatman T. Watson R. Beddington J. R. Pitcher T.J. 2009 Estimating the Worldwide Extent of Illegal Fishing PLoS ONE 4 2 Agreement for the Implementation of the Provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982 relating to the Conservation and Management of Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks. 1995. 2167 UNTS 3. Agreement for the Implementation of the Provisions of the United

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Local Governments and Local Waste Management in the Czech Republic: Producers or Providers?

Empirical Studies.” Resources, Conservation and Recycling 52(12), 1337 – 1348. Benito, Bernardino, José Solana and María-Rocío Moreno. 2014. “Explaining Efficiency in Municipal Services Providers.” Journal of Productivity Analysis 42(3), 225 – 239. Callan, Scot J. and Janet M. Thomas. 2001. “Economies of Scale and Scope: A Cost Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Services.” Land Economics 77(4), 548 – 560. Csachová, Stela and Janette Nesorová-Dická. 2011. “Territorial Structure of Local Government in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and the

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Effectiveness Measurement Using DEA & BSC Methods in Public Health Services

Planning using BSC-DEA.” Management Science Letters 2, 1109 – 1122. Hollingsworth, B. 2008. “The Measurement of Efficiency and Productivity of Health Care Delivery.” Health Economics 17(10), 1107 – 1128. Jalali Naini, S. G. H., A. R. Aliahmadi and M. Jafari-Eskandari. 2011. “Designing a Mixed Performance Measurement System for Environmental Supply Chain Management Using Evolutionary Game Theory and Balanced Scorecard: A Case Study of an Auto Industry Supply Chain.” Resources, Conservation and Recycling 55(6), 593 – 603. Kádárova, J., M. Durkáčová

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A Place-Based Approach in EU Regional Development and Its Application in Latvia

of collaborative policy making for private land conservation,’ Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, vol. 55, no. 4, pp. 469–485. Crescenzi, R. & Percoco, M. (2012), Geography, Institutions and Regional Economic Performance, Advances in Spatial Science, Berlin: Springer. Dale, A.; Dushenko, W. T. & Robinson, P. J. (2012), Urban Sustainability: Reconnecting Space and Place, Toronto: University of Toronto Press

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Towards Tourism Sustainability: General Aspects and Empirical Evidence of the Italian Experience at Decentralized Level, with Specific Reference to Sicily

), Statistiche del turismo. Anno 2013, Roma. IUCN (2010), Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean Panorama and Perspectives, Strategies and Actions, Gland: IUCN. IUCN; UNEP & WWF (1980), World Conservation Strategy: Living Resource Conservation for Sustainable Development, Gland: IUCN, UNEP & WWF. Kondur, O.; Kopchak, Y. & Kopchak, L. (2014), ‘Role of the tourism sector in sustainable development of the Carpathian region: social, educational and economic aspects,’ Journal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, vol

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Participation of the Northern Indigenous Peoples in the Management of the Russian Arctic Territories and Its Legal Protection

Circumpolar Environment. Seattle: Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies Center at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies in association with University of Washington Press. Stevens, Stan (ed.). 2004 [1997]. Conservation through Cultural Survival . Washington, D.C.: Island Press. In Sharing Power: Learning by Doing in Comanagement of Natural Resources throughout the World . Tehran: IIED and IUCN/CEESP/CMWG, Cenesta. Sulyandziga, Rodion. 2011a. “Princip Svobodnogo, Predvaritelnogo i Osoznannogo Soglasia – Eto To, k Chemu My Dolzhny

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The Environmental Situation in the Visegrad Region: Neglect and Insufficient Cooperation in the Face of Serious Environmental Threats

September 2017). Transdanubian Research Department (TRD) (n.d.): International Research Programs, available at: (14 April 2018). Turnock, D. (2001a): Environmental problems and policies in East Central Europe: A changing agenda. GeoJournal 54: 485-505. Turnock, D. (2001b): Cross‑border conservation in East Central Europe: The Danube‑Carpathian complex and the contribution of the World Wide Fund for Nature. GeoJournal 54: 655

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State Traditions and Language Regimes: A Historical Institutionalism Approach to Language Policy

-24. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. ROMAINE, Suzanne. 2015 (forthcoming). Language and Sustainable Development: Integrating the Economics of Language Policy with Poverty Reduction and Biodiversity Conservation. In: Bengt-Arne Wickström, Michele Gazzola (eds), The Economics of Language Policy. Boston: MIT Press. SAFRAN, William. 2010. Political Science and Politics. In: Joshua A. Fishman, Ofelia García Language (eds), & Ethnic Identity Volume 1, Disciplinary & Regional Perspectives. 49-69. Oxford: Oxford University Press. SCHIFFMAN

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Cooperation for forest protection in Southeast Asia: the role of Japan and its domestic interest groups

-460. Sagara, M., 2009. A Twenty-Year History of a Forest NGO in Japan. For. Econ. Res. 55, pp. 65-74. San-in Godo Bank, 2007. Survey on environmental awareness and financial products (Kankyō ishiki to kinyushōhin ni kan suru ankēto). Schreurs, M. A., 1997. State soveregnity, in: Hashmi, S.H. (Ed.), Conservation, Development and State Sovereignty: Japan and the Tropical Timbers of Southeast Asia. Penn State Press. Schreurs, M. A., 2004. Assessing Japan’s Role as a Global Environmental Leader.Policy Soc. 23, pp. 88

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Coffee: An Indian Ocean Perspective

Narration of a Sufi Past. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Lyon, S., 2007. Maya Coffee Farmers and Fair Trade: Assessing the Benefits and Limitations of Alternative Markets, Culture and Agriculture 29(2), pp.100-112. McStocker, R., 1987. The Indonesian Coffee Industry, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 23(1), pp.40-69. Moseley, B., 1792. A Treatise Concerning the Properties and Effects of Coffee. London: J. Sewell. Méndez, V.E., 2008. Farmers’ Livelihoods and Biodiversity Conservation in a Coffee

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