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Mosaics of Inclusion: Reflections on Thames Chase Community Forest

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Environmental Attitudes and Household Electricity Use among Budapest Residents

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Protected Areas and Overuse in the Context of Socio-Natural Changes: An Interdisciplinary French Case Study

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‘Creating (Local) Space for Change’: Strengthening Agroecological Farming and Fair Trade Practices in the State of Jalisco, Western Mexico

pueblos indígenas originarios. La Paz: PLURAL Editores/AGRUCO-COMPAS. della Porta, D. and M. Diani (1999) Social Movements: An Introduction . Oxford: Blackwell. Escobar, A. (2001) ‘Culture sits in places: Reflections on globalism and subaltern strategies of localization’. Political Geography, 20 (2): 139-174. Esteva, G. and C. Marielle (2003) (eds.) Sin maíz no hay país . México, D.F.: Comité sin Maíz no hay País/CONACULTO. Gerritsen, P. R. W. (1998) ‘Community development, natural resource management and biodiversity conservation in the

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Buddhist Monuments in South-Eastern India: A Study of Forms and Patronage

References Acharya,S.K, (2014), Copper Plate Inscriptions of Odisha, New Delhi, D.K Print World,p.48. Agrawall R, C (2015), Conservation of Buddhist Monuments in Central India , Delhi, Sharada Publishing House, 2015 p.130. Chakravarti, D. K, ( 1997 ), The Archaeology of Ancient Indian Cities , Delhi, Oxford University Press, p.17 Das, B S, (1978), Study in the Economic History of Orissa , Culcutta, p.7. Dutta, Sukumar, (1962), Buddhist monks and monasteries of India . Delhi: Motilal Banarsi Das. Fogelin., Lars, (2015), An

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Knowledge on Climate Change and Energy Saving Renovations by Apartment Owners in Bulgaria and Latvia. A Qualitative Study

References Abrahamse, W. and L. Steg (2009) ‘How do socio-demographic and psychological factors relate to households’ direct and indirect energy use and savings?’ Journal of Economic Psychology , 30 (5): 711-720. Abrahamse, W., L. Steg, C. Vlek and T. Rothengatter. (2005) ‘A review of intervention studies aimed at household energy conservation’. Journal of Environmental Psychology , 25 (3): 273-291. Abrahamse, W., L. Steg, C. Vlek and T. Rothengatter (2007) ‘The effect of tailored information, goal setting, and tailored feedback on household

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Leisurely consumption, the legacy of European cafes

towns, urban conservation and management, London, E & F N Spon. Pump-Uhlmann, H, 2007, in, Cafes and bars, the architecture of public display, London, Routledge. Quan, S., Wang, N., 2004, Towards a structural model of the tourist experience, an illustration from food experiences in tourism, Tourism Management, 25, 297 - 305. Ramsay, N., 2009, Taking place: refracted enchantment and the habitual spaces of the tourist souvenir, Social and Cultural Geography, 10, 2, 197 - 217. Riley Fitch, N., 2006, The

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The Struggle in Defense of Baikal: The Shift of Values and Disposition of Forces

transnational contention: ‘Two Activist Solitudes’ or a ‘New World All Together’. Mobilization: An International Journal , 10 (1): 53-72. Tilly, C. (2004) Social Movements , 1768—2004. London: Paradigm Publisher. Weiner, D. R. (1988) Models of Nature: Ecology, Conservation, and Cultural Revolution in Soviet Russia , Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. Weiner, D. R. (1999) A Little Corner of Freedom. Russian Nature Protection from Stalin to Gorbachev . Berkeley, Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press. Yanitsky, O. (1996) ‘The

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Selected aspects of water and sewage management in Poland in the context of sustainable urban development

urban water use and performance evaluation of conservation practices using the Integrated Urban Water Model in São Paulo, Brazil (Doctoral dissertation, Colorado State University. Libraries). Available at: DoA: 20.01.2019. Batista G.D.G. 2018 Characterization of urban water use and performance evaluation of conservation practices using the Integrated Urban Water Model in São Paulo, Brazil (Doctoral dissertation, Colorado State University. Libraries) Available at DoA: 20

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Unwrapping the Spontaneous Flora: On the Appropriation of Weed Labour

Helle Johannessen and Imre Lázár, 35–52. New York: Berghahn Books. Lorimer, Jamie. (2015). Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Conservation after Nature . University of Minnesota Press. Marder, Michael. (2011). Plant-Soul: The Elusive Meanings of Vegetative Life. Environmental Philosophy , 8 (1): 83–99. Marx, Karl. (1990 [1867]). Capital. A Critique of Political Economy . Translated by BenFowkes. Vol. I. Penguin Books. Mihăilescu, Vintilă. (2013). Scutecele națiunii și hainele împăratului. Note de antropologie publică . 2nd ed. Polirom

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