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The Unificatory Power of Scientific Realism

–2885. Laudan, Larry. 1977. Progress and Its Problems: Towards a Theory of Scientiic Growth . California: University of California Press. Laudan, Larry. 1981. A confutation of convergent realism. Philosophy of Science 48 (1): 19–49. Leplin, Jarrett. 1997. A Novel Defense of Scientiic Realism. New York: Oxford University Press. Lyons, Timothy. 2003. Explaining the success of a scientific theory. Philosophy of Science 70 (5): 891–901. Mach, Ernst. 1911. History and Root of the Principle of the Conservation of Energy . Translated by P. E. B

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On Haslanger’s Meta-Metaphysics: Social Structures and Metaphysical Deflationism

and politics of social kinds. Hypatia 20(4): 10–26. Haslanger, S. 2006. What good are our intuitions? Philosophical analysis and social kinds. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society , Sup. Vol. 80(1): 89–118. Haslanger, S. 2016. What is a (social) structural explanation? Philosophical Studies 173: 113–30. Jeffers, C. 2013. The cultural theory of race: yet another look at Du Bois’s ‘The Conservation of Races’. Ethics 123(3): 403–26. Jenkins, K. 2016. Amelioration and inclusion: gender identity and the concept of Woman . Ethics 126

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