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Electrospinning of Polymer Fibres Using Recycled PET

References [1] Khan W. S., Asmatulu R., Davuluri S., Dandin V. K.: Improving the Economic Values of the Recycled Plastics Using Nanotechnology Associated Studies . Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 30/9. (2014) 854–859. [2] EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Wastes – Resource Conservation – Common Wastes & Materials – Plastics. [3] Welle F.: Twenty years of PET bottle to bottle recycling – an overview . Resources, Conservation

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Solutions to Pollution Problems of Oil


The purpose of the research is to improve the processes of conservation indicators of quality petroleum products (POL). As a hypothesis, it was assumed that the quality of fuel depends on its main quality parameters that most strongly vary during storage and transportation. The methods were applied which are used at the theoretical level of research, such as abstraction, deduction, analysis and synthesis, etc. We presented the main problems of pollution of oil. Moreover, we provided indicators of physical and chemical properties of diesel fuel and motor oil, which characterize their performance and the list of used additives. We analysed the scientific and patent work. We provided solutions to the problem. Correct storage and use of fuel will help maintain its quality parameters and ensure safety and durability of machinery.

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Energy Input on Cover Crop Cultivation

Leśnych PTPN , 97 , 42-48. Morris, N., Miller, P., Orson, J., Froud-Williams, R. (2010). The adoption of non-inversion tillage systems in the United Kingdom and the agronomic impact on soil, crops and the environment – a review. Soil & Tillage Research , 108 , 1-15. Piskier, T. (2011). Efektywność energetyczna produkcji biomasy w teorii i praktyce. Technika Rolnicza Ogrodnicza Leśna, 3 , 5-7. Reycosky, D. (2015). Conservation tillage is not conservation agriculture. Journal Soil Water Consist , 70 , 5, 103A-108A. Snapp, S., Swinton, R

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Multi-Fuel Power Plant as A Element of Back-Up Energy Supply of Farming Facilities

Литература Bicer, Y., Dincer, I. (2018). Life cycle environmental impact assessments and comparisons of alternative fuels for clean vehicles. Resources,Conservation and Recycling , 132 ,141-157. Budzko, I.A. (2000). Elektrosnabzenye selskovo hoziaystva . Kolos, Moscow, ISBN 5-10-0031172-7. Fernandez-Dacosta, C., Shen, L., Schakel, W., Ramirez, A., Kramer, G.J. (2019). Potential and challenges of low-carbon energy options: Comparative assessment of alternative fuels for the transport sector. Applied Energy , 15, 590-606. Gabitov, I

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Kitchen and Garden Waste as a Source of Heat for Greenhouses

technologies for the utilisation of compost thermal energy . M.Sc. in Environmental Science Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. (accessed 20 October 2017). Cole, C., Osmani, M., Quddus, M., Wheatley, A., Kay, K. (2014). Towards a Zero Waste Strategy for an English Local Authority. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 89 , 64-75. . den Boer, E., Jędrczak, A., Kowalski, Z., Kulczycka, J., Szpadt

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