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Correspondence Between Legislation and Public Opinion in Bulgaria about Accessto Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Federation Francaise des Centres d’etude et de conservation des oeufs et du sperme humain - Fevrier 2009. Accessed February 2009 at : http:/www. 5. Frederiksen ME, Christensen U, Tjornhoj-Thomsen T, Schmidt L. Solo mother by donor-the plan B of motherhood: a perspective on person-centered reproductive medicine. Int J Person Centered Med 2011; 1: 800-807. 6. Surveillance 2010: preface. International Federation of Fertility Societies. Accessed September 14, 2010 at: External link http

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Identification and Control of Health Risks in Hospital Environment from the Aspect of Users, Buildings and Systems

, Saito M, Isawa K, Iwamatsu T, Asada H.Working Report of IEA ECBS: human body exergy balance and thermal comfort, International Energy Agency. Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems. Annex 49, LowExergy systems for high performance systems and communities. Fraunhofer: IBP, Germany, 2010. 35. Krainer A, Perdan R: Slovene Ethnographic Museum. Ljubljana: Slovenski Etnografski Muzej, 2005. 36. Nordström K, Norbäck D, Akselsson R. Effect of air humidification on the sick building syndrome and perceived indoor air quality in

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Thermal and Oxygen Conditions of Lake Charzykowskie in the Years 2014-2016

. [in:] BoryTucholskie – Biosphere Conservation. University of Łódz; 21. Wiśniewska M., Luścińska M., (2012) Long-term changes in the phytoplankton of Lake Charzykowskie. Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies. International Journal of Oceanography and Hydrobiology. Volume 41, Issue3; 22. Stangenberg M., et al., 1950. Morphometry and chemical composition of water in Lake Charzykowo. Lake Charzykowo I. Państwowe Wydawnictwo Rolnicze i Leśne. Warsaw; 23. Solski A. 1964. Limnological profile of Lake Charzykowskie and Lake Wdzydze. Polskie Archiwum

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