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About a Method of the Estimation of the Recreational and Health Value of a Protected Area

assessment and application of the results in economic analysis (pp. 28-64). Warszawa: Polforex. [in Polish] 4. Eagles P.F.J., McCool S.F., Haynes C.D. (2002). Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas: Guidelines for Planning and Management. Gland and Cambridge: IUCN The World Conservation Union. 5. Zanders M. (2010). Monetary Valuation. In M. Czajkowski, A. Kopańska, A. Markowska, T. Żylicz (eds.), Values of a non-commercial benefits of forests. Methods of assessment and application of the results in economic analysis (pp. 8-11). Warszawa: Polforex. [in

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What is fertility stalling and why does it matter?

, 30(1): 19-37. Holl, K.D., Daily, G.C., & Ehrlich, P.R. (1993). The fertility plateau in Costa Rica: A review of causes and remedies. Environmental Conservation, 20(4): 317-323. Islam, M.M., Islam, M.A., & Chakroborthy, N. (2004). Fertility transition in Bangladesh: Understanding the role of proximate determinants. Journal of Biosocial Science , 36(3): 351-369. Ishida, K., Stupp, P., & Sotomayor, J.O. (2009). Stalled decline in fertility in Ecuador. International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 35(4): 203-206. Knodel, J

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Female athletes and health

increases in proportion to indices of energy conservation in exercising women. Fertil. Steril., 88: 971-975. 12. De Souza M.J., B.E. Miller, A.B. Loucks, A.A. Luciano, L.S. Pescatello, C.G. Campbell (1998) High frequency of luteal phase deficiency and anovulation in recreational women runners: blunted elevation in follicle-stimulating hormone observed during luteal-follicular transition. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab., 83: 4220-4232. 13. De Souza M.J., J. Van Heest, L.M. Demers, B.L. Lasley (2003) Luteal phase deficiency in recreational runners: evidence for hypometabolic

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