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Conservation Approaches For Autochthonous Woody Plants in Flanders

landbouw (EOGFL) en tot wijziging en instelling van een aantal verordeningen. Belgian Law Gazette, 19 May: 27184-27199. ANONYMOUS (2003d): Environmental Policy Plan of the Flemish Government, BD (2004): Bosdecreet 13 juni 1990 B.S.28.09.1990, BEHM, A., A. BECKERS, H. DORFLINGER, A. FRANKE, J. KLEINSCHMIT, G. H. MELCHIOR, H.-J. MUHS, H. P. SCHMITT, B. R. STEPHAN, U. TABEL, H. WEISGERBER and H. WIDMAIER (1997): Concept for the Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources

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Genetic conservation in Parkia biglobosa (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) - what do we know?

. ISBN 0 85199 148 3. 363 p Eyog Matig O, Gaoué OG, Dossou B (2002) Réseau « Espèces Ligneuses Alimen­taires ». Compte rendu de la première réunion du Réseau tenue 11-13 décembre 2000 au CNSF Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Institut International des Ressources Phytogénétiques, 235 p Fahr J (2008) Diversity Patterns and Taxonomy of West African Bat Assemblages: Effects of Spatial Scale and Habitat Structure. Ulm University: Ph.D. disserta­tion, 315 p FAO, DFSC, IPGRI (2001) Forest genetic resources conservation and manage

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Behavioral observations of the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow in a conservation aquaculture facility

-1113. Brockmark, S., Adriaenssens, B., Johnsson J.I. (2010): Less is more: density influences the development of behavioural life skills in trout. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 277, 3035-3043. Brown, C., Day, R.L. (2002): The future of stock enhancements: lessons for hatchery practice from conservation biology. Fish and Fisheries, 3, 79-94. Brown, C., Laland, K. (2001): Social learning and life skills training for hatchery reared fish. Journal of Fish Biology, 59, 471-493. Brown, C., Laland, K. (2003): Social learning in fishes: a review. Fish and

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Validation of microsatellite loci for Balfourodendron riedelianum through analysis of Mendelian inheritance, genetic linkage, and genotypic linkage disequilibrium

Version 1.2. A computer program to calculate F-statistics. Heredity 86:485–486. Inglis PW, Pappas M de CR, Grattapaglia D (2016) Protocolo de extração de DNA e RNA de alta qualidade para espécies ricas em compostos secundários. Comunicado Técnico 5p. IUCN (2015) International Union for Conservation of Nature - Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2015-4. Available at: . Accessed in April 2016. Manoel RO, Freitas MLM, Tambarussi EV, Cambuim J, Moraes MLT

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Life history traits of Neretva roach Rutilus basak (Heckel, 1843) (Pisces, Cyprinidae): Biological and ecological contribution for biodiversity conservation of freshwater fish.

. Biological conservation special issue: Endemic freshwater fishes of the Northern Mediterranean region. Biological Conservation, 72, 121-122. Crivelli, A.J., Maitland, P.S. (1995b): Future prospects for the freshwater fish fauna of the north Mediterranean region. Biological Conservation, 72, 335-337. Crivelli, A.J. (1996): The freshwater fish endemic to the northern Mediterranean region. An action plan for their conservation. Tour du Valat Publication. Arles. Crivelli, A.J. (2006): Rutilus basak . The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2006: e.T60777A

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Genetic structure and diversity of Polylepis australis (Rosaceae) tree populations from central Argentina: Implications for forest conservation

allow and D. A. B riscoe (2002): Introduction to conservation genetics. Cambridge, University Press. H amrick , J. L., J. O. G odt and S. L. S herman (1992): Factors influencing levels of genetic diversity in woody plant species. New Forests 6 : 95–124. H ensen , I. (2002): Impacts of anthropogenic activity on the vegetation of Polylepis woodlands in the region of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Ecotropica 8 : 183–203. H euertz , M., J. F. H ausman , I. T svetkov , N. F rascaria -L acoste and X. V ekemans (2001): Assessment of genetic structure within

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Primer Note: Microsatellite-AFLP development for Araucaria araucana (Mol.) K. Koch, an endangered conifer of Chilean and Argentinean native forests

microsatellite markers from Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Malvaceae) and crossspecies amplifications. Conservation Genetics DOI: 10.1007/s10592-008-9659-1. B lum , H., H. B eier and H. J. G ross (1986): Improved silver staining of plant proteins, RNA and DNA in polyacrylamide gels. Electrophoresis 8 : 93–99. IUCN. (1996): World list of threatened trees. International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Gland, Switzerland. . M oreno A. C., P. M archelli , G. G. V endramin and L. A. G allo (2011): Cross

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Genetic Diversity of the Relict Plant Taiwania cryptomerioides Hayata (Cupressaceae) in Mainland China

: 1091-1097. CHANG, J. L. (2005): The genetic diversity of Taiwania cryptomerioides Hayata. Master degree thesis. Taiwan: National Sun Yat-sen University. CHUNG, Y. L. and N. H. CHANG (1990): Technical report for important tree seeds in Taiwan. Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Taipei. CLARKE, G. M. and A. G. YOUNG (2000): Introduction: genetics, demography and the conservation of fragmented populations, pp. 1-6. In: Genetics, demography and viability of fragmented populations, edited by A. G. YOUNG and G. M. CLARKE

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Phylogeography and genetic variability of the Arnica montana chemotypes in NW Iberian Peninsula

: Evolutionary perspectives on the origins and conservation European biodiversity, edited by S. WEISS & N. FERRAND, Academic Publishers, Dordrecht Kluwe. GONZÁLEZ DE PAZ, M. L. (2012): Flora y vegetación de La Cabrera Baja (León): valoración del estado de conservación. Ph. D. thesis, Universidad de León, Spain. HUANG, S., Y. C. CHIANG, B. A. SCHAAL, C. H. CHOU and T. Y. CHIANG (2001): Organelle DNA phylogeography of Cycas taitungensis, a relict species in Taiwan. Molecular Ecology 10: 2669-2681. IUCN (2014): Arnica montana. In

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Gene dispersal via seeds and pollen and their effects on genetic structure in the facultative-apomictic Neotropical tree Aspidosperma polyneuron

. Molecular Ecology 13:937–954. Available at Baldauf C, Ciampi-Guillardi M, Aguirra TJ, Correa CE, Santos FAM, Souza AP, Sebbenn AM (2014) Genetic diversity, spatial genetic structure and realized seed and pollen dispersal of Himatanthus drasticus (Apocynaceae) in the Brazilian savanna. Conservation Genetics 15:1073–1083. Available at . Bittencourt JM, Sebbenn AM (2007) Patterns of pollen and seed dispersal in a small fragmented population of a wind pollinated

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