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A Discursive Narrative On Planning For Urban Heritage Conservation In Contemporary World Heritage Cities In Portugal

realm conservation: the case of Portugal’s World Heritage cities. Phd Thesis. UCL. CML (2005), ‘Reabilitação Urbana, Baixa Pombalina: bases para uma intervenção de salvaguarda’, Lisbon: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa – Pelouros do Licenciamento Urbanístico, Reabilitação Urbana, Planeamento Urbano, Planeamento Estratégico e Espaços Verdes. CMP (ed.) (1998), ‘Relatório final: projecto piloto urbano da Sé-Porto’, Porto: CMP. COSTA LOBO, M. (2001), Administração Urbanistica, Evolução Legal e sua Prática , IST Press. CRUARB (ed.) (2000), CRUARB 25

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Does Greek Conservation Policy Effectively Protect the Cultural Landscapes? A Critical Examination of Policy’s Efficiency in Traditional Greek Settlements

References ACT (1469/1950) for Antiquities, 15, paragraph 1 of the ministerial decision Φ31/24512/ 1858/3.05.1976, as released based on the Act 1469/1950 (Α 169), (in Greek). ACT (1577/1985), (FΕΚ 210/Α/18.12.1985), General Construction Code 1985 as it was amended by the Act 4067/2012 (ΦΕΚ 79/Α/9.4.2012), (in Greek). ACT (1650/1986), (FΕΚ 160/Α/18.10.1986) for Conservation of the Environment Greece as amended by the Act 3937/2011. ACT (2742/1999), (FΕΚ 207/Α/7.10.1999) for the Spatial Planning

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Community livelihood activities as key determinants for community based conservation of wetlands in Uganda

References Abrams R.W., Anwana E.D., Ormsby A., Dovie D.B.K., Ajagbe A., Abrams A. 2009. Integrating Top-Down with Bottom-Up Conservation Policy in Africa. Cons. Bio ., 23 (23): 779-804. Acrenaz M., Dabek L., O’Neil S. 2007. The Costs of Exclusion: Recognizing a Role for Local Communities in Biodiversity Conservation. PLoS Bio ., 11(5): 2443-2448. Akello C.E. 2007. Environmental Regulation in Uganda. Successes and Challenges. Law, Environ. Dev. J . Uganda. Andrade G.S.M., Rhodes J.R. 2012. Protected Areas and Local Communities: an

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The place of community values within community-based conservation: The case of Driftsands Nature Reserve, Cape Town

References Berkes, F., 2007: Community-based conservation in a globalized world. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 104(39), pp. 15188-15193. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0702098104 Biodiversity Information System for Europe, sine anno: Ecosystem services. Available at:, DoA: 10.01.2018. Brockington, D., Duffy, R. and Igoe, J., 2008: Nature Unbound: conservation, capitalism and the future of protected areas

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Multiple-land use practices in transfrontier conservation areas: the case of Greater Mapungubwe straddling parts of Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe

References Barrett, C.B. and Arcese, P., 1995: Are integrated conservation development projects (ICDPs) sustainable? On the conservation of large mammals in sub-Saharan Africa. In: World Development, Vol. 23(7), pp. 1073-1084. DOI: Bennett, G., 2004: Linkages in practice: a review of their conservation value. Gland: IUCN. Carruthers, J., 2006: Mapungubwe: an historical and contemporary analysis of a world heritage cultural landscape. In: Koedoe, Vol. 49(1), pp. 1

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The role of wetland management agencies within the local community in the conservation of wetlands in Uganda

References Abrams R.W., Anwana E.D., Ormsby A., Dovie D.B.K., Ajagbe A., Abrams A. 2009. Integrating Top-Down with Bottom-Up Conservation Policy in Africa. Conservation Biology , 23, 23: 779–804. Agrawal A., Gibson C.C. 1999. Enchantment and Disenchantment: The Role of Community in Natural Resource Conservation. World Development , 4, 27: 629–649. Akello C.E. 2007. Environmental Regulation in Uganda. Successes and Challenges. Law , Environment and Development Journal , 3/1: 22–25. Bakema R.J., Iyango L. 2001. Engaging Local Users in

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Using spatial metrics to assess the efficacy of biodiversity conservation within the Romanian Carpathian Convention area

statistical modelling approach , Landscape and Urban Planning, 79, 1, 65-76, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Iojă C. I., Pătroescu Maria, Rozylowicz L., Popescu V. D., Vergheleţ M., Zotta M. I., Felciuc Mihaela (2010), The efficacy of Romania’s protected areas network in conserving biodiversity , Biological Conservation, 143, 11, 2468-2476, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Knorn J., Kuemmerle T., Radeloff V. C., Szabo Alina, Mîndrescu M., Keeton W. S., Abrudan I., Griffiths P., Gancz V., Hostert P. (2012), Forest restitution and the protected area

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Geoheritage conservation in Ethiopia: the case of the Simien Mountains

. & Tadesse S., 1997. The Mesozoic succession of the Mekele Outlier (Tigrai Province, Ethiopia). Memorie di Scienze Geologiche , 49: 95-116. Brocx M., 2008. Geoheritage: from global perspective to local principles for conservation and planning . Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia. Brocx M. & Semeniuk V., 2007. Geoheritage and Geoconservation-history, definition, scope and scale. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia , 90: 53-87. Debonnet G., Melamari L. & Bomhard B

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Lantana Camara and Butterfly Abundance in an Urban Landscape: Benefits for Conservation or Species Invasion?

.T. (2014). Response of native insect communities to invasive plants. Annu. Rev. Entomol., 59, 119-141. DOI: 10.1146/annurev-ento-011613-162104. Bhardwaj, M., Uniyal, V.P., Sanyal, A.K. & Singh A.P. (2012). Butterfly communities along an elevational gradient in the Tons valley, Western Himalayas: Implications of rapid assessment for insect conservation. J. Asia-Pac. Entomol., 15, 207-217. doi : 10.1016/j.aspen.2011.12.003. Bloch, D., Werdenberg, N. & Erhardt A. (2006). Pollination crisis in the butterfly-pollinated wild carnation Dianthus

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Defining And Managing The Historic Urban Landscape: Reflections On The English Experience And Some Stories From Liverpool

REFERENCES ALLEN, C. (2008), Housing Market Renewal and Social Class , Abingdon: Routledge. ALLEN, C. and CROOKES, L. (2009), ‘Fables of the Reconstruction: A Phenomenology of “Place Shaping” in the North of England’, Town Planning Review , Vol. 80, No. 4/5, pp. 455–480. ASHWORTH, G. J. (1997), ‘Conservation as Preservation or as heritage: two paradigms and two answers’, Built Environment , Vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 92–102. BOOTH, P. (2010), ‘Sheffield: a miserable disappointment no more?’, [in:] PUNTER, J. (ed.), Urban Design and the

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