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Regeneration of a historic city block: the example of the relocation of the historic Atelier building to the cloister area of the Congregation of the Resurrection in Krakow

demolished because of the development plans associated with the nearby tenement house, which is the private property of a third-party. The developer needs to remove the Atelier due to plans to expand the tenement houses located on the same plot. Because the building is not yet listed as a heritage building under conservation control, it can be demolished. However both sides, the developer and the Congregation of the Resurrection, are aware of the value of this place and they are considering agreeing on the relocation of the structure. This building has to be preserved as

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Update of the erosive rain factor in Slovakia using data from the period 1961–2009

: Predicting Rainfall Erosion Losses: A guide to Conservation Planning. Science, US Department of Agriculture Handbook, No. 537, Washington DC.

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Comparison of two methods of erosive rains determination

References Dostál T., Vrána K., Krása J., Jakubíková A., Schwarzová P., David V., Nováková H., Bečvář M., Veselá J., Kavka P., 2006: The methods of prediction of surface runoff, erosion and transport processes in a landscape (Metody a způsoby predikce povr- chového odtoku, erozních a transportních procesů v krajině). Annual research report from COST634 action, FSV KHKI, ČVUT Praha (in Czech). Hudson N.. 1971: Soil conservation. Ithaca,New York, Cornell University Press. 320 p. Janeček M. et al., 1992: Protection

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Discrepancy in climatic zoning of the current soil productivity evaluation system

nd edition, Czechoslovak Academy of Agriculture – The Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation Prague (ČAZ – Ústav pro zemědělský průzkum půd Praha), 113 p. (in Czech). MužíkováB., Vlček V., Středa T., 2011: Tendencies of climatic extremes occurrence in different Moravian regions and landscape types. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis, 59 , 5, 169–178. Středová H., Chuchma F., 2014: Is climatic regionalization in frame of estimated pedologicecological system actual in 21 st century? Contributions to

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Aerodynamic Parameters of Windbreak Based on its Optical Porosity

-84. Hagen L. J., 1991: A wind erosion prediction system to meet user needs. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 46, 106-111. Hagen L. J., 1995: WEPS technical documentation: erosion submodel. WEPP/WEPS Symposium. Soil andWater Conservation Society, Ankeny, USA. Ian N., Brendan G., Reid R., 2009: Aerodynamic and microclimate changes behind windbreaks. In Agroforestry for natural resource management. CSIRO Publish­ing, Collingwood, Australia, p. 78. Jiang F. Q., Xu J. Y., Fu M. H., Liu Z. G., 1989: Determination of

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Temperature regime of Kateřinská Cave

References Badino G., 2010: Underground meteorology - “What’s the weather underground?”. Acta Carsologica, 39, 3, 427-448. Bocek A., 1922: Moravian karst: A guard trough all area and its karst caves. Praha, Pavel Korbr, 155 p. (in Czech). Carrasco F., Vadillo I., Lifian C., Andreo B., Durân, J. J., 2002: Control of environmental parameters for management and conservation of Nerja Cave (Malaga, Spain). Acta Carsologica, 31, 1, 105-122. Clawson R. L., LaVal R. K., LaVal M. L., Caire W

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Runoff change scenarios based on regional climate change projections in mountainous basins in Slovakia

river. Inter­national Conference on Water and Nature Conservation in the Danube-Tisza River Basin, Magyar Hidrologiai Társaság, 469-480. Pekarová P., Miklanek P., Pekár J., 2001: Analysis of runoff fluctuation in the moderate and subarctic regions. Acta Hydrologica Slovaca, 2, 1, 122-129. Pekarová P., Szolgay J., eds., 2005: Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Selected Components of the Hydrosphere and Biosphere in the Hron and Vaáh River Basins. VEDA, Bratislava, 2005, 419-492, ISBN 80-224-0884-0. Pekarová P

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Evidences of the charge fundamental asymmetry
[The origin of the rotating normal body’s magnetic field and the biggest mysteries of the cosmology]

. Roy. Soc. Lond., A252 , 1270, 313–333, doi: 10.1098/rspa.1959.0155. Mach E., 1872: Die Geschichte und Wurzel des Satzes von der Erhaltung der Arbeit. Prague (in German). Mach E., 1911: History and Root of the Principle of the Conservation of Energy. Open Court, Chicago. Mach E., 1883: Die Mechanik in ihrer Entwicklung Historisch-Kritisch Dargestellt (in German). Mach E., 1960: The Science of Mechanics. Open Court. Michelson A. A., Morely E. W., 1887: On the relative motion of the Earth and the luminiferous Eather. American Journal of

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Investigating factors affecting the mode choices of commuters in Kuwait city & surrounding urban areas: Strategies for a higher quality and more sustainable public transport system

.07.2019]. Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau 2017 Annual statistical bulletin of transport 2012 Available from: accessed: 10.07.2019 Litman, T. (2017) Evaluating public transit as an energy conservation and emission reduction strategy Victoria Transport Policy Institute, Canada. Litman T. 2017 Evaluating public transit as an energy conservation and emission reduction strategy Victoria Transport Policy Institute Canada Mohammad, Z. (2014) The development plan did not fit him Al

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Disentangling the nexus of global intermediaries: the case of bus rapid transit

architects, engineers and planners with topical expertise and skills. Additional agencies and organization include the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) and Clinton Climate Initiative. The bus manufacturers, such as Brazilian-based Marcopolo and Germany-based Mercedes play a vital but surreptitious part in the story. In unraveling the overlapping backers

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