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Numerical modeling of vertical axis wind turbine with air guides


Currently, obtaining energy from renewable sources, as never before, it has become one of the most important areas, but at the same time challenges in human activities. This is the effect of many factors simultaneously, including because of the media trumpeted the greenhouse effect, the necessity of reducing CO2 emissions, shrinking natural resources, and thus the desire to protect their welfare including conservation (including natural resources) for future generations. The paper presents the results of preliminary numerical analyzes of work for vertical axis wind turbines equipped with air guides. The carried out analyzes indicate the potential possibility of using this type of construction in practice. The obtained power factor value is higher than in classic wind turbines with a vertical axis. The conducted analyzes also indicate the possibility of optimizing the proposed constructional solution in order to increase efficiency of obtaining energy from the wind.

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Modified ground support with alternative fill material for ground control at munsar underground manganese mine of moil limited, India

REFERENCES Barton N. & E. Grimstd (1976), the Q system following 20 years of application NMT support selection, Indo-Norwegian workshop on rock mechanics, KGF, India. pp. 1-9. Bieniawski Z.T. (1973), Engineering Classification of Jointed Rock Masses, Trans. South Africa Institute, Civil Eng., 15 CMRI Report (2001), 2 nd Interim Report on geotechnical properties and classification parameters of Munsar, Beldongri, Chikla, and Gumgaon mines, 4 p. Manekar G G, Shome D, and Chaudhari M P, (2018), Conservation of valuable mineral by rock

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Next generation technology for utilization of alumina rich iron ore tailings in India

Technology 217: 418-426. Yan, W., H.-L. Lien, B.E. Koel and W.-x. Zhang (2013). “Iron nanoparticles for environmental clean-up: recent developments and future outlook.” Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 15(1): 63-77. Yellishetty, M., P. Ranjith and A. Tharumarajah (2010). “Iron ore and steel production trends and material flows in the world: Is this really sustainable?” Resources, conservation and recycling 54(12): 1084-1094.

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Electrohydrodynamic Instability of a Rotating Walters’ (model B’) Fluid in a Porous Medium: Brinkman model

root-mean-square value of electric field. Then, the equations of conservation of mass, momentum and thermal energy for Walters’ (model B’) viscoelastic fluid in a Darcy-Brinkman-Boussinesq (Chandrasekhar [ 4 ], Takashima [ 16 ], Shivakumara [ 22 ], and Rana et al . [ 23 , 24 ]) system are: ∇ ⋅ q = 0 , $$\begin{array}{} \displaystyle \nabla\cdot \mathbf{q}=0, \end{array}$$ (1) ρ φ ∂ q ∂ t + 1 ε ( q ⋅ ∇ ) q = − ∇ P + ρ g + μ ~ ∇ 2 q − 1 k 1 μ − μ ′ ∂ ∂ t q + 2 ρ ( q × Ω ) − 1 2 ( E ⋅ E ) ∇ K , $$\begin{array}{} \displaystyle \frac

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Ecological Growth Boundaries

] W. Wilczyńska-Michalik. K. Świder. „Założenia koncepcji Ekologicznego Śladu i przykłady obliczeń dla dużych miast”. Studia Geographica I, pp. 103-125, 2010. [12] World Conservation Strategy. Living Resource Conservation for Sustainable Development, IUCN-NDP-WWF. Internet: 1980 [Jun. 15, 2015]. [13] Internet: , Jul.5, 2011 [Jul. 15, 2015] [14] Living Planet Report: Biodiversity

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Traffic Safety of Main Roads in Poland

:// , online available [Accessed 19.05.2018]. , online available [Accessed 10.05.2018]. Sobolewski, M. (2015). Road accidents severity rate in international comparisons (in Polish). Logistyka, 3, pp. 4506-4511. Wach, W., Gidlewski, M., Prochowski, L. (2016). Reliability of vehicle collision reconstruction based on the law of conservation of momentum and Burg equations. 20 th International Scientific Conference TRANSPORT MEANS 2016. Book Series

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