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Impedance Method for Leak Detection in Zigzag Pipelines

References Water & Waste Pipe Testing Inc. (1999). A Report for Conducting a Water Leak Detection Survey on the Entire Water Distribution System for the Town of Ipswich. Wakefield, MA, USA. Georgia Enviromental Protection Division. (2007). Water Leak Detection and Repair Program. Atlanta, USA: Georgia EPD. New Mexico Environmental Finance Center. (2006). Analysis of Fluid Conservation System's Leak Detection Technology. Albuquerque, NM, USA. Wylie, E

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Non-classical Signature of Parametric Fluorescence and its Application in Metrology

photon beams. Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics, 7 (12), S572-S576. [19] Breitenbach, G., Schiller, S., Mlynek, J. (1997). Measurement of the quantum states of squeezed light. Nature, 387 (6632), 471-475. [20] Peřina, J. Jr., Haderka, O., Michalek, V., Hamar, M. (2013). State reconstruction of a multimode twin beam using photodetection. Physical Review A, 87 (2), 022108-022113. [21] Hillery, M. (1985). Conservation laws and nonclassical states in nonlinear optical systems. Physical Review A, 31 (1

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Using Passive Energy Systems in Ecofarm Architecture


The history of eco (organic) farming in Hungary has begun in 1983. Currently, approx. 2% of the agricultural area is managed this way. This research gives a survey on the architectural backgrounds of this specific land management type.

Sustainability and energy conservation have brought along a new demand in the construction industry, including design and operation of agricultural buildings: the usage of energy efficient, environmentally friendly and preferably renewable energy based building alternatives.

Among the energy-saving solutions we have to emphasize those passive systems in particular, which use the natural conditions (sunlight, shading, ventilation, gravity, etc.) on their own, without the help of mechanical equipment, and achieve energy efficiency by placing and structuring technological buildings accordingly.

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Case study: Examples of Wooden Vernacular Architecture - Turkish Houses in Western Anatolia

yerleşim dokusunun koruma ilkeleri açısından değerlendirilmesi,” Mimar Sinan University, School of Natural and Applied Sciences), İstanbul, 1995. [6] M. Tanac and Ö. Yılmaz Karaman, “Wooden Load Bearing Structural Elements of Kula Traditional Houses Case Study of Zabunlar and Goldeliler Houses,” in Wood science for conservation of cultural heritage - Proceedings of the International Conference Held by Cost Action IE0601 in Braga (Portugal) 5-7 November 2008 , Florence, 2010. [7] A. Er Akan, “Some Observations on the Seismic Behaviour of Traditional

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Spa Garden in Daruvar – Methods of Renewal and Reconstruction

with the hotel Thermal built in1980, a coordinator of the development of health tourism, recreation and Daruvar’s tourist offer. A hospital ward was opened in 1960, and a health resort became a Hospital for gynecological diseases treatment and medical rehabilitation. Simultaneously with the hotel, a spa complex in the west of the hotel and the sports and recreational center were built. [4] Conservation basis of Daruvar’s spa garden - Julius Park, Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values, Zagreb, 2011. [5

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Access to Waterfront Landscapes for Tourists Living with Disabilities

. Budapest, (ISBN:978-963-503-506-2) 216 p. pp. 131-140.(3.) [8] Fekete, Albert - Szaszák, Gabriella (2014) Inclusive Design for Accessible Public Spaces in the Downtown of Budapest. In: Landscape:a place of cultivation: ECLAS Conference 2014. Book of Proceedings. Porto: University of Porto. pp. 108-113 [9] Hungarian Act No. 53 of 1996 on Nature Conservation <> accessed on 19 June 2014 [10] Hungarian act No. 78 of 1997 on the

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On Pedagogy for Urban Design - Some Observations

Architectural Press, London. [40] Saunders, P. (1986) Social Theory and the Urban Question, Hutchinson, London. [41] AA School of Architecture (2016) ‘Contemporary Urban Design Education’, Symposium, 13 January, London. [42] Kim, J. (2009) ‘Urban Design as a Catalyst for Advancing Architectural Education’, ARCC Journal, Volume 6. Issue 1. [43] Whyte, W. H. (1980) The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, The Conservation Foundation, Washington, D.C. [44] Fox, R. W. (1986) ‘The World’s Urban Explosion

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Legal Regulations System in the Implementation Process of Geothermal District Heating Investments

security authorities. [31] Government Decree No. 343/2006 on the Designation and Operating Conditions of Construction and Building Supervision Authorities [32] Government Decree No. 347/2006 on the designation of bodies responsible for environmental, nature conservation, water authority and administrative tasks

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Embending Sustainability Dynamics in the Lean Construction Supply Chain Management

last planner system and location based management system (2010). [37] VAIS, A., MIRON, V., PEDERSEN, M., FOLKE, J. “Lean and Green” at a Romanian secondary tissue paper and board mill-putting theory into practice. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 46 (2006) 44-74. [38] OHSAS 18001 Overview of OHSAS 18001 (2012) [39] DOBSON, D.W., SOURANI, A., SERTYESILISIK, B., TUNSTALL, A. Sustainable construction: analysis of its costs and benefits. American Journal of Civil Engineering

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