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Energy Conservation Programmes in Russia

, PUBLISHERS, NEW YORK, Cambridge, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington, London, Mexico Oty, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, p. 48. Meszáros, G. S., Haidegger, K. (2002). Plan, Quick analysis on the results of the Energy Efficiency Plan. Energy Centre Non-profit. Budapest. Usacheva, Y.V., Dmitriev, A. N. (2011). The mechanism of state incentives for energy conservation in construction. STROYMATERIALY. No. 12, 47-50.

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Assessing environmental fragility in a mining areafor specific spatial planning purposes

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Viticultural landscapes: Localised transformations over the past 150 years through an analysis of three case studies in Slovakia

(6): 1–14. Land parcel information system (LPIS) 2016, Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute (SSCRI) Bratislava, Slovakia ( ) LIESKOVSKÝ, J., BEZÁK, P., ŠPULEROVÁ, J., LIESKOVSKÝ, T., KOLEDA, P., DOBROVODSKÁ, M., BÜRGI, M., GIMMI, U. (2015): The abandonment of traditional agricultural landscape in Slovakia – Analysis of extent and driving forces. Journal of Rural Studies 37: 75–84. LIESKOVSKÝ, J., KANKA, R., BEZÁK, P., ŠTEFUNKOVÁ, D., PETROVIČ, F., DOBROVODSKÁ, M. (2013): Driving forces behind vineyard abandonment in

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Road Investment Design in Areas Protected by the Monuments Conservator


Design works on road construction plans for areas protected by conservation require a proper preparation, especially in terms of formality, which has been described in this paper.

One has shown the various methods of conduct in the course of obtaining administrative decisions and related difficulties, which are dependent on the form of monument protection and the scope of the proposed building works.

One has also raised a question regarding the law on the subject. One has suggested the consolidation of existing regulations and introduced the likely new direction that is currently in preparation.

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Potential geo-ecological impacts of the proposed Danube–Oder–Elbe Canal on alluvial landscapes in the Czech Republic

řešení. Studie. Praha. JONES, J. B., MULHOLAND, P. J. [eds.] (2000): Streams and groundwaters. San Diego, Academic Press. JONGMAN, R. H. G. (1995): Nature conservation planning in Europe: developing ecological networks. Landscape and Urban Planning, 32: 169–183. KIRCHNER, K., IVAN, A. (1999): Anastomózní říční systém v CHKO Litovelské Pomoraví. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku VI: 19–20. KLIMO, E., HAGER, H. [eds.] (2001): The floodplain forests in Europe: current situation and perspectives. Leiden: European Forest Institute Research

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Comparison of the current state of non-forest woody vegetation in two contrasted case study areas in Central Europe

Conservation Guide 35. BÉLOUARD, T., COULON, F. (2002): Trees outside forests: France. In: Bellefontaine, R., Petit, S., Pain-Orcet, M., Deleporte, P., Bertault, J. G.: Trees outside forests: Towards a better awareness. FAO Conservation Guide, 35: 148-155. BIČÍK, I., JELEČEK, L., ŠTĚPÁNEK, V. (2001): Land-use changes and their social driving forces in Czechia in the 19th and 20th centuries. Land Use Policy, 18: 65-73. BOFFA, J. M. (2000): West African agroforestry parklands: keys to conservation and sustainable management

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Perceptions of Energy Crop Production by Lay People and Farmers Using the Ecosystem Services Approach

– Bevölkerungsumfrage zu Natur und biologischer Vielfalt. Bonn, 66 pp. BfN – Federal Agency for Nature Protection, 2011. Naturbewusstsein 2011 – Bevölkerungsumfrage zu Natur und biologischer Vielfalt. Bonn, 81 pp. BMBF – Federal Ministry of Education and Research (2008): Announcement of regulations for the “Sustainable land management” funding measure, Bonn. BMU (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety) (2011): Erneuerbare Energie in Zahlen – Internetupdate ausgewählter Daten. Bonn, Berlin. [cit. 3.7.2012] http

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Landform values for rural sustainability: Recognition and assessment in a Spanish–Portuguese border region case study

Autonomies”. Regional Studies, 47(1): 104–115. GRAY, M. (2011): Other nature: geodiversity and geosystem services. Environmental Conservation, 38(3): 271–274. HJORT, J., GORDON, J. E., GRAY, M., HUNTER, M. L. (2015): Why geodiversity matters in valuing nature’s stage. Conservation Biology, 00(0): 1–10. IGE (2016): Open data of the Galician Statistical Institute [online]. Autonomous Government of Galicia: Galician Statistical Institute website [cit. 04.12.2016]. Available at: (2016): Open data of the National

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Environmental factors influencing the distribution of agricultural terraces: Case study of Horný Tisovník, Slovakia

References AGNOLETTI, M., CARGNELLO, G., GARDIN, L., SANTORO, A., BAZZOFFI, P., SANSONE, L., PEZZA, L., BELFIORE, N. (2011): Traditional Landscape and Rural Development: Comparative Study in three Terraced Areas in Northern, Central and Southern Italy to Evaluate The Efficacy of GAEC Standard 4.4 of Cross Compliance. Italian Journal of Agronomy, 6(s1), e16: 121-139. AGNOLETTI, M. (2014): Rural Landscape, Nature Conservation and Culture: Some Notes on Research Trends and Management Approaches from a (Southern) European

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