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Is Contemporary Tourism Only a Neoliberal Manipulation?

References APOSTOLOPOULOU, E., ADAMS, W. M. (2014), “Neoliberal Capitalism and Conservation in the Post-crisis Era: The Dialectics of ‘Green’ and ‘Un-green’ Grabbing in Greece and the UK”. Antipode, 47, 1: (15-35) BOAS, T. C., GANS-MORSE, J. (2009), “Neoliberalism: From New Liberal Philosophy to Anti-Liberal Slogan”. Studies in Comparative International Development, 44(2): 137-161 BSCHER, B., SULLIVAN, S., NEVES, K., IGOE, J., BROCKINGTON, D. ( 2012), “Towards a Synthesized Critique of Neoliberal Biodiversity

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Importance of Tourism Paradox, Tourism Equinox and Tourism Detox for Urban Environments

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Stone in architecture and sculpture – source material for reconstruction

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Increasing the attractiveness of the Zádielska dolina (“Zadiel Gorge“) in the area of modern climbing as a tourism development support tool

REFERENCES Baláž, M. and Pukanský, J. (2013) RP in Zadiel. Kosice: Vienala, 47 p. (in Slovak) Bánesz, L. (1994) Protected Landscape Area - Biosphere Reserve Slovak Karst. Martin: Osveta, 476 p. ISBN 80-217-0211-7. Bichlmeier, F. (1991) Climbing - Conservation a Conflict? Reports of the Bavarian State Office for Environmental Protection, Munich, p. 10-24. (in German) Bizubová, M. (2008) Natural beauty of Slovakia: Stones. Bratislava: Dajama, 120 p. ISBN 978-80-89226-48-1. (in Slovak) Čech, V. (2015) Geographical aspects of nature

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Canyons of Albania and geotourism development

conservation activities in the Piemonte Region (Italy), Studia Universitatis Babeş- Bolyai, Geologia, vol. 54, nr. 2, p. 25. Giardino, M. and Mortara, G. (2004) I geositi nel paesaggio della Provincia di Torino. Pubblicazione del Servizio Difesa del Suolo della Provincia di Torino, v. I, p. 116. (in Italian) National Geographic (2015) About geotourism, available at: Neziraj A., Moisiu L. and Avxhi A. (2016) Gjeologjia, Gjeoresurset, Gjeorreziqet dhe Mjedisi në bashkitë e

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The English Peak District (as a potential geopark): mining geoheritage and historical geotourism

paraphrased in Mavor, W. (1798-1800) The British Tourists; or Traveller’s Pocket Companion, through England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Comprehending the Most Celebrated Tours in the British Islands, Volume 2 (6 volumes). B. White, London. Brilha, J. (2011) What is Geotourism. ProGEO News 4, 9-10. Byng, J. (1966) Rides Round Britain [Adamson, D. (ed)]. The Folio Society, London. Cossey, P.J., Buckman, J.O and Steward, D.I. (1994) The geology and conservation of Brown End Quarry, Waterhouses, Staffordshire. Proceedings of

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Geoheritage and geotourism potential of the Homolje area (eastern Serbia)

.T., Coelho, C. and Costa, C. (2012) Geotourism and geoparks as gateways to sociocultural sustainability in Qeshm rural areas, Iran. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, vol. 17, nr. 1, 30-48. Godde, P. (1999) Community-based mountain tourism: Practices for linking conservation with enterprise. Synthesis of an Electronic Conference, April 13- May 18, 1998. Mountain Forum and The Mountain Institute. Hose, T.A. (1997) Geotourism - Selling the earth to Europe. In: Marinos, P.G., Koukis, G.C., Tsiambaos, G.C. & Stournass, G.C. (eds

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“LANDSCApp”: a friendly way to share the Italian geo-heritage

. Environmental Conservation 29: (pp. 273- 276), Cambridge, UK: University Press. Catton, W.R. Jr. and Dunlap R.E. (1978). Environmental Sociology. A New Paradigm. The American Sociologist, 13, 41-49. Retrieved from Cita B. M., Colacicchi, R., Chiesa, S., Crisci, G. M., Massiotta. P. and Parotto, M. (2004) Italian wines and geology. Coll. Paesaggi Geologici, Milan: BE-MA editrice. Cita, M. B. and Chiesa S. (2002) Geology of italian wines. A book, an idea. Atti del convegno “Spaces, environments and

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Tourist motivations in a heritage destination in Spain

World Heritage Site?. Visitors’ perspectives on the inscription of Kanas on the World Heritage List in China. Journal of Nature Conservation, 23, 19-26 [42] Yang, C. H., Lin, H. L. & Han, C. C. (2010). Analysis of international tourist arrivals in China: The role of World Heritage Sites. Tourism Management, 31 (6), 827-837 [43] Yang, C. H. & Lin, H. L. (2014). Revisiting the relationship between World Heritage Sites and tourism. Tourism Economics, 20 (1), 73-86 [44] Yuksel, A., Yuksel, F. & Bilim, Y. (2009). Destination attachment: Effects on

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Two social exchanges and service personnel’s internal service behavioural intention at international tourism hotels

: The effects of perceived behavior control and self-efficacy. British Journal of Social Psychology, 34, 199-220 [42] Tonglet, M., Phillips, P.S., & Read, A.D. (2004). Using the theory of planned behavior to investigate the determinants of recycling behavior: a case study from Brixworth, UK. Resources. Conservation and Recycling, 41(3), 191-214 [43] Tsai, W.C., Chen, H.W., & Cheng, J. W. (2009). Employee positive moods as a mediator linking transformational leadership and employee work outcomes. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20, 206

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