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Consumer Behaviours Towards ECO-Cars: A Case of Mauritius

Work?, available online at Sadeque, S., Chua, W. Y., Lee, A. (2010), Why do people buy hybrid cars?, available online at Griskevicius, V., Tybur, J.M., Van Den Bergh, B. (2010), Going green to be seen: status, reputation, and conspicuous conservation, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 98 (3), pp. 392-404. McLeod, S. A. (2014), Questionnaires , available online at www

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What Makes Work Meaningful

. (2002). The structure of the meaning of work: A relative stability amidst change. Human Relations, 55, 639-667. Hobfoll, S. E. (2001). The influence of culture, community, and the nested‐self in the stress process: advancing conservation of resources theory. Applied Psychology, 50(3), 337-421. Kamdron, T. (2005). Work motivation and job satisfaction of Estonian higher officials. International Journal of Public Administration, 28, 1211-1240. Keller, R.T. (2006). Transformational leadership, initiating structure, and

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Arguments in Favor of Moving to a Sustainable Business Model in the Apiary Industry

, Waveland Press, Long Grove. Boons, F., Lüdeke-Freund, F., (2013), Business Models for Sustainable Innovation: State of the Art and Steps Towards a Research Agenda, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 45, pp. 9-19. Danciu, V., (2013), The sustainable company: new challenges and strategies for more sustainability, Theoretical and Applied Economics, Vol. 20, no. 9, pp. 7-26. De la Rúa, P., Jaffe, R., Dall‘Olio, R., Munoz, I., Serrano, J., (2009), Biodiversity, conservation and current threats to European honeybees, Apidologie

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Clashing Perspectives on Sustainable Development

Ecology , Resurgence, pp. 47-62. National Research Council. (1999): Our Common Journey: A Transition Toward Sustainability , The National Academies Press, Washington, DC. Newton, J., Freygole, E., (2005), Sustainability: a dissent , Conservation and Biology, Vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 23-32. O’Riordan, T. (1996): Environmentalism on the move in Douglas, I., Huggett, R. and Robinson, M. (Eds.), Companion encyclopaedia of geography , Routledge, London. Prugh, T., Assadourian, E., (2003), What is sustainability, anyway? , World Watch, Vol. 16, no. 5

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A review on green supply chain aspects and practices

Filho, W., Pociovalisteanu, D.M. and Al-Amin, A.Q. (Eds.), Sustainable Economic Development, pp. 1-29, Springer, Berlin. Andiç, E., Yurt, Ö. and Baltacioğlu, T. (2012), "Green supply chains: Efforts and potential applications for the Turkish market", Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Vol. 58, pp. 50-68. Arena, U., Mastellone, M. L. and Perugini, F. (2003), "The environmental performance of alternative solid waste management options: a life cycle assessment study", Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 96, No. 1, pp. 207

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Effective energy planning for improving the enterprise’s energy performance

the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety – BMU (2012), “Energy management systems in practice ISO 50001: A Guide for companies and organizations”, Berlin, Germany, available at: (accessed Feb. 22, 2016). Gopalakrishnan, B., Ramamoorthy, K., Crowe, E., Chaudhari, S. and Latif, H. (2014), “A structured approach for facilitating the implementation of ISO 50001 standard in the manufacturing sector

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Mediating role of meaningful work between resources and work engagement in Bangladesh’s private banks

, pp. 1-24. Hakanen, J.J., Bakker, A.B. and Schaufeli, W.B. (2006), “Burnout and work engagement among teachers”, Journal of School Psychology, Vol. 43, No. 6, pp. 495-513. Halbesleben, J.R. (2010), “A meta-analysis of work engagement: Relationships with burnout, demands, resources, and consequences”, in: Bakker, A. B. and Leiter, M. P. (eds.) Work engagement: A handbook of essential theory and research, Vol. 8, pp. 102-117, Psychology Press: NY. Halbesleben, J.R., Harvey, J. and Bolino, M.C. (2009), “Too engaged? A conservation of resources view of

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Fraud and Business Cycle: Empirical Evidence from Fraudsters and Fraud Managers in Nigeria

-linear framework. Economic Modelling 31 (2013) pp.70–79 Sundstrom, A. (2016): Corruption and Violation of conservation rules: A survey experiment with resource users. World Development 85, pp.73 – 83 Vadlamannati, K. C. (2015): Fighting corruption or election? The politics of anti-corruption policies in India: A subnational study. Journal of Comparative Economics , 43(4), pp. 1035 – 1052 Rotimi, E. M., Obasaju, O. B., Lawal, A. I. and IseOlorunkanmi, J. (2013): Analysis of Corruption and Economic Growth in Nigeria. Afro-Asian Journal of Social Sciences 4

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Investigating the impact of environmental attitude on the decision to purchase a green product with the mediating role of environmental concern and care for green products

, J. and Mohamad, O. (2010), “Green product purchase intention: Some insights from a developing country”, Resources, Conservation and Recycling , Vol. 54, No. 12, pp. 1419–1427. Ranaee, H. and Yari, B. (2013), “Investigating the effect of the marketing mix of green marketing on green purchasing decision of consumers (Case Study: Consumers of Pegah dairy products company in the city of Shiraz)”, Journal of New Marketing Research , Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 92-65. Rusta, A., Venus, D. and Abrahami, A. (2008), Marketing management , Tehran: Organization of

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Understanding the Ecological Adoption of Solar Water Heaters Among Customers of Island Economies

-173. D'souza, C., Taghian, M., Lamb, P. Peretiatkos, R. (2006). Green products and corporate strategy: an empirical investigation. Society and Business Review, Vol 1 no. 2, pp. 144-157. Durif, F., Roy, J. Boivin, C. (2012). Could Perceive Risks Explain the ‘Green Gap’ in Green Product Consumption? Electronic Green Journal, Vol 1 no. 33, pp. 1-15. EECA. (2002). Review of overseas initiatives that have been taken to increase the uptake of solar water heating. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, February. Ek, K. Soderholm, P. (2008). Norms

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