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The Impact of Gender on Food Waste at the Consumer Level

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Achieving Sustainable Community-Based Tourism in Rural Myanmar: The Case of River Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin Tourism

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Effects of Energy Use on Socioeconomic Predictors in Africa: Synthesizing Evidence

.gloenvcha.2013.03.010 28. Margolis, J., Hockenberry, J., Grossman, M., Chou, S.-Y., (2014), Moral Hazard and Less Invasive Medical Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease: The Case of Cigarette, NBER Working Paper Series, (Working Paper 20373). 29. Marshall, V.M., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B., Sheldon, A.R., Menzies, N.W., Daneshgar, P.P., … Buckley, Y.M., (2017), Social Well-Being in Northern Ireland: A Longitudinal Study 1958-1998, Biological Conservation, 44(0), 1–12. 30. Martins, J., (2005), The Impact of the Use of Energy Sources

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Trade Competition Measurement and the Choice of Measurement Indexes

References Berthelon M., Freund C. (2008) On the conservation of distance in international trade, Journal of International Economics, 75(2), 310-320 Crespo N., Fontoura M. (2007) Determinant Factors of FDI Spillovers - What Do We Really Know?, World Development, 35(3), 410-425 Crespo N., Simoes N. (2012) Competition in Tourism Arrivals – A Multidimensional Index of Geographical Structural Similarity, Tourism Analysis 13-5(1), 4-30 Head K., Mayer T. (2013) What separates us?, Sources of resistance to globalization, Canadian Journal of

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The Concept of Sustainable Development: From its Beginning to the Contemporary Issues

Sustainable Development (2015). Retrieved September 21, 2015, from IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (1980). World Conservation Strategy: Living Resource Conservation for Sustainable Development. Retrieved November 7, 2015, from IUCN, UNDP & WWF, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, United Nations Environmental Programme & World Wildlife Fund (1991). Caring for the Earth. A Strategy for

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Existence and Efficiency of Stationary States in a Renewable Resource Based OLG Model with Different Harvest Costs

and stock-dependent costs, Marine Resource Economics, 27 (1), 43-63 Mourmouras A. (1991) Competitive equilibria and sustainable growth in a life-cycle model with natural resources, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 93 (4), 585-591 Olson L. J., Knapp K. C. (1997) Exhaustible resource allocation in an overlapping generations economy, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 32, 277-292 Olson L. J., Roy, S. (1996) On conservation of renewable resources with stock-dependent return and non-concave production, Journal of Economic Theory 70, 133

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