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Improving the Properties of Clay Soil by Using Laterite Soil for Production of Bricks

Framework for Implementing Sustainability in the Building Sector. 2012, pp. 126–152. [15] BAYIZITLIOĞLU, B.: The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice Conservation and Maintenance of Earth Constructions: Yesterday and Today Conservation and Maintenance of Earth Constructions: Yesterday and Today.Hist. Environ. Policy Pract., Vol. 7505, December 2017, pp. 1–32. [16] DEBOUCHA, S.- HASHIM, R.: Correlation between total water absorption and wet compressive strength of compressed stabilized peat bricks.Vol. 6, No. 10, 2011, pp. 2432–2438. [17] GETACHEW, K

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End users’ motivations as a key for the adoption of the home energy management system

Grid: embedding privacy into the design of electricity conservation. Identity in the Information Society Vol. 3, No. 2, 275-294 10.1007/s12394-010-0046-y Cavoukian A. Polonetsky J. Wolf C. 2010 Smart Privacy for the Smart Grid: embedding privacy into the design of electricity conservation Identity in the Information Society Vol. 3 No. 2 275 294 EU Commission. (2016), Proposals on clean energy for all Europeans, retrieved from https

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Do free trade agreements promote sneaky protectionism? A classical liberal perspective

. In fact, the term “free market” does not appear once in the 599 pages. Instead, the signing partners reaffirm “the importance of promoting corporate social responsibility, cultural identity and diversity, environmental protection and conservation, gender equality, indigenous rights, labor rights, inclusive trade, sustainable development and traditional knowledge, as well as the importance of preserving their right to regulate in the public interest.” Therefore, the agreement includes a large number of limitations and exceptions to liberalizing trade. This also

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The Impact of Gender on Food Waste at the Consumer Level

), “Key facts on food loss and waste you should know!”, Retrieved from , Accessed July 17 2019. 5. Fusions, (2016), “Food waste definition”, Retrieved from , Accessed July 17, 2019. 6. Graham-Rowe, E., Jessop, D.C., Sparks, P., (2014), Identifying motivations and barriers to minimising household food waste. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 84, 15-23. 7. Graham-Rowe, E., Jessop, D.C., Sparks, P., (2015), Predicting household food

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Achieving Sustainable Community-Based Tourism in Rural Myanmar: The Case of River Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin Tourism

, “Decline in Relative Abundance of Bottlenose Dolphins Exposed to Long-Term Disturbance,” Conservation Biology, Vol.20, No.6 (2006), pp.1791-8. Besio, Kathryn, Lynda Johnston and Robyn Longhurst, “Sexy Beasts and Devoted Mums: Narrating Nature through Dolphin Tourism,” Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, Vol.40, No.5 (2008), pp.1219-34. Blackstock, Kirsty, “A Critical Look at Community Based Tourism,” Community Development Journal, Vol.40, No.1 (2005), pp.39-49. CEIC, “Myanmar Tourism Statistics” (n.d.), available at: https

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Demand and Characteristics of Customers of Reusable Products in Slovenia

metals embedded in ICT and consumer equipment. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 98, 9–18. Cox, J., Griffith, S., Giorgi, S., & King, G. (2013). Consumer understanding of product lifetimes. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 79, 21–29. Dindarian, A., Gibson, A. A. P., & Quariguasi-Frota-Neto, J. (2012). Electronic product returns and potential reuse opportunities: A microwave case study in the United Kingdom. Journal of Cleaner Production, 32, 22

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Assessing the influence of Information and Communication Technologies on energy productivity

cultural dimensions of Hofstede’s model and the consumption of renewable energies, Energy Policy , 118, July 2018, 160-168. Romm, J. (2002). The internet and the new energy economy. Resources, Conservation and Recycling , 36(3), October 2002, 197-210. Sapprasert, K. (2007). The impact of ICT on the growth of the service industries , Working Papers on Innovation Studies 20070531, Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo, revised Apr 2010. World Economic Forum (2018). What is ‘networked readiness’ and why does it matter

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Qualitative Research in WoS of the Link between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance

2019. Gulf Oil Spill available at accessed March 2019, it is recognized as the worst oil spill in US history. The Deepwater Horizon oil platform accident concerns the catastrophic explosions of April 20, 2010, which took place at the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, located in the Gulf of Mexico, about 65 kilometers south of the Louisiana State Coast the area of the oil field known as Macondo Prospect. Inoue, Y., and Lee, S. (2011). Effect of different dimensions of corporate

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Effects of Energy Use on Socioeconomic Predictors in Africa: Synthesizing Evidence

.gloenvcha.2013.03.010 28. Margolis, J., Hockenberry, J., Grossman, M., Chou, S.-Y., (2014), Moral Hazard and Less Invasive Medical Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease: The Case of Cigarette, NBER Working Paper Series, (Working Paper 20373). 29. Marshall, V.M., Lewis, M.M., Ostendorf, B., Sheldon, A.R., Menzies, N.W., Daneshgar, P.P., … Buckley, Y.M., (2017), Social Well-Being in Northern Ireland: A Longitudinal Study 1958-1998, Biological Conservation, 44(0), 1–12. 30. Martins, J., (2005), The Impact of the Use of Energy Sources

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Evidence on the Nexus Between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth through Empirical Investigation of Uganda

04/04/14. 39. Sustainable Energy for ALL. (2012). Energy Rapid Assessment and Gap Analysis - Uganda Final Draft . Kampala: Minitry of Environment and Mineral Development. 40. Raza, S.A., Shahbaz, M. and Nguyen, D.K. (2015). Energy Conservation Policies, Growth and Trade Performance: Evidence of Feedback Hypothesis in Pakistan. Energy Policy , 80, 1-10. 41. Tang, C.F. (2008). A Re-examination of the Relationship between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Malaysia. Energy Policy , 36:3077-3085. 42. Tumwesigye, R., Twebaze, P

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