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Discussion of the Issue of Wolf Expansion with an Impact on Landscape Management and Farming

References Baker, P. J., Boitani, L., Harris, S., Saunders, G., & White, P. C. L. (2008). Terrestrial carnivores and human food production: Impact and management. Mammal Review , 38(2-3), 123-166. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2907.2008.00122.x Boitani, L. (2003). Wolf conservation and recovery. Wolves: behavior, ecology, and conservation . Bradley, E. H., Robinson, H. S., Bangs, E. E., Kunkel, K., Jimenez, M. D., Gude, J. A., & Grimm, T. (2015). Effects of wolf removal on livestock depredation recurrence and wolf recovery in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

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Evidence on the Nexus Between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth through Empirical Investigation of Uganda

04/04/14. 39. Sustainable Energy for ALL. (2012). Energy Rapid Assessment and Gap Analysis - Uganda Final Draft . Kampala: Minitry of Environment and Mineral Development. 40. Raza, S.A., Shahbaz, M. and Nguyen, D.K. (2015). Energy Conservation Policies, Growth and Trade Performance: Evidence of Feedback Hypothesis in Pakistan. Energy Policy , 80, 1-10. 41. Tang, C.F. (2008). A Re-examination of the Relationship between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Malaysia. Energy Policy , 36:3077-3085. 42. Tumwesigye, R., Twebaze, P

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Effect of Monetary Incentives on the Demand for Electricity of Domestic Consumers – Case of Israel

R eferences 1. Abrahamse, W., Steg, L., Vlek., C., and Rothengatter, T. (2005). A review of intervention studies aimed at household energy conservation. Journal of Environment Psychology , 25, pp. 273-291. 2. Bartram, L., Rodgers, J., and Muise, K. (2010) Chasing the Megawatt: Visualization for Sustainable Living. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications , 30 (3), 8-12. 3. Bc Hydro (2008). Residential Inclining Block Application. February 2008 4. Benders, RMJ, Kok, R, Moll, HC, Wiersma, G, and Noorman, HC (2006) New approaches for

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Electricity Consumption in Botswana:the Role of Financial Development, Industrialisation and Urbanization


Botswana’s electricity supply is overwhelmed by the growing energy demands with the peak electric power deficits being met through imports. This study seeks to understand the key drivers of this increasing electricity demand. Using the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) bounds testing and Error Correction Model (ECM), it examines the role played by financial development, industrialisation and urbanization in Botswana’s energy (or more specifically electricity)-growth nexus between 1981 and 2011. The findings reveal that economic growth, financial development and industrialization positively affect electricity consumption in the short-run and long-run. However, urbanization increases electricity consumption only in the long-term. These finding not only support conservation hypothesis but also imply that policy-makers should take into account the increase in electricity demand arising from financial development, urbanization and industrialisation in energy (electricity) consumption planning in the economy to avoid energy crisis. In addition, policy-makers should search and invests in renewable energy sources such as solar to increase access to cheap energy source.

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Sustainability Evaluation of the European Union based on the Ecological Footprint

., Hinterberger, F., Lutter, S., & Bruckner, M. (2011). A comprehensive set of resource use indicators from the micro to the macro level. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 55 (3), 300-308. Global Footprint Network (2015a). Results from the National Footprint Accounts: NFA 2015 Public Data Package. 2015 Edition, . © 2015. National Footprint Accounts. Global Footprint Network (2015b). World Footprint. Do we fit on the planet? [Online]. Last updated: 12. 03. 2015 [cit. 28. 9. 2015]. Available: http

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Migration and Mobility as a Factor of Sustainable Development in Europe

References 1. Barbier, Edward B. 2005. “The Concept of Sustainable economic Development”. Environmental Conservation, Vol 14(02), pp: 101-110. 2. Florczak, Waldemar 2009. “Concepts of endogenous growth and of knowledge-based economies in the economics”. Lodz Scientific Society, Vol.80, pp. 215-239. 3. Jelonek, Adam.W. and, Tyszka, Krzysztof. 2001. “Concepts of social development”. Warsaw: Scholar Scientific Publisher. 4. Kronenberg, Jakub. and Bergier, Tomasz. 2010. “ Relations of economy

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Local Contributions of Forests to Economic Growth of Peru: A Case of Pinus radiata Plantations

–43. Young, K. R., & León, B. (1999). Peru’s humid eastern montane forests: An overview of their physical settings, biological diversity, human use and settlement, and conservation needs. Centre for Research on the Cultural and Biological Diversity of Andean Rainforests (DIVA). Zamora, C. (1996). Las Regiones Ecológicas del Perú–Mapa. Diversidad Biológica Del Perú: Zonas Prioritarias Para Su Conservación. INRENA, GTZ. Lima, Perú. (in Spanish)

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A Consequential Contingent Valuation Referendum: Still Not Enough to Elicit True Preferences for Public Goods!

successful provision of the good and the payment collection. A few examples are provided to facilitate the understanding of separating provision consequentiality and payment consequentiality. Subjectively perceived provision consequentiality may be low when a respondent thinks that the goals of the proposed project are set too high and, thus, are unlikely to be achieved. Say, a project assumes that in the wake of specific conservation actions, the population size of an endangered species will remain at its present level, whereas the voting individual is convinced that a

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Efficient Use of Behavioral Tools to Reduce Electricity Demand of Domestic Consumers

References Abrahamse, W., Steg, L., Vlek, C., and Rothengatter, T., 2005. A review of intervention studies aimed at household energy conservation. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 25(3), 273-291. doi: Allcott, H., 2011. Social norms and energy conservation. Journal of Public Economics, 95(9-10), 1082-1095. doi: Allcott, H., and Mullainathan, S., 2010. Behavior and Energy Policy. Science, 327(5970), 1204-1220. doi

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness within Counterfactual Impact Evaluation Concept

., 2011. Manazerska ekonomika . Prague: Grada Publishing. Wang, H., Gu, Y., Li, L., Wu, Y., and Zuo, T., 2017. Operating models and development trends in the extended producer responsibility system for waste electrical and electronic equipment. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 127 , 159-167. doi: Wooldridge, J. M., 2010. Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data . Cambridge: MIT Press. Zavřel, L., 2015. Kontrafaktuální evaluace dopadů ROP Jihovýchod na vymezených územích. Evaluační teorie

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