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Water erosion on marl slopes and prevention of its effects using conservation of water and soil systems in the Wadi Isser watershed – Algeria

soil restoration in Algeria]. In: L’International Soil Conservation Organisation. Comptes rendus 14 e conférence de l’ISCO. 14–19.05.2006 Marrakech). H udson N.W. 1991. A study of the reasons for success or failure of soil conservation projects. FAO Soil Bulletin. Vol. 64 pp. 65. K ouri L., V ogt H., G omer D. 1997. Analyse des processus d'érosion hydrique linéaire en terrain marneux, bassin de l'oued Mina, Tell Oranais, Algérie [Analysis of the processes of linear hydric erosion in marl land, Mina wadi watershed, Oranais Hill, Algeria]. ORSTOM

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Effect of two management techniques applied to the reduction of Juncus maritimus (Lam.) abundance in a selected temporary wetland

]. Bulletin de l’Institut Scientifique Rabat. [Scientific Institute newsletter Rabat] Vol. 4. Iss. 7 supplement. B arbaro J., D utoit T., C ozic P. 2001. A six-year experimental restoration of biodiversity by shrub-clearing and grazing in calcareous grasslands of the French Prealps. Biodiversity and Conservation. Vol. 10. Iss. 1 p. 119–135. DOI 10.1023/A:1016629507196 B eja P., A lcazar R. 2003. Conservation of Mediterranean temporary ponds under agricultural intensification: An evaluation using amphibians. Biological Conservation. Vol. 114. Iss. 3 p. 317

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Evaluation of hydro-agricultural techniques and assessment of know-how implemented by traditional societies: Case of the region of Béni-Snous in the city of Tlemcen – Algeria

. Evolution des techniques de conservation des eaux et des sols en Tunisie [Evolution of water and soil conservation techniques in Tunisia] [online]. Bulletin du réseau Érosion. Gestion de la biomasse, érosion et séquestration du carbone (Actes2-séquestration du carbone et érosion des sols). [Access 10.12.2017]. IRD. Vol. 23 p. 625–635. Available at: D emmak A. 1982. Contribution à l’étude de l’érosion et des transports solides en Algérie septentrionale [Contribution to the study of erosion and solid

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Journal of Water and Land Development
The Journal of Polish Academy of Sciences Committee on Agronomic Sciences, Section of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering in Agriculture and Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty
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Effectiveness of Straw Mulch on Infiltration, Splash Erosion, Runoff and Sediment in Laboratory Conditions

runoff and sediment transport. In: Soil Erosion Research for the 21st Century. Proc. Int. Symp. Eds J.C. Ascough, D.C. Flanagan. St. Joseph, Mi, Usa, Asae p. 676–678. doi: 10.13031/2013.4842. Mioduszewski W. 2012. Small water reservoirs – their function and construction. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 17 p. 45–52. Morgan R.P.C. 1978. Field studies of rainsplash erosion. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. No 3 p. 295– 299. Morgan R.P.C. 2004. Soil erosion and conservation. 3 rd ed. Longman Scientific and Technical, Burnt Mile, Harlow, Uk. Isbn

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Using Water and Agrochemicals in the Soil, Crop and Vadose Environment (WAVE) Model to Interpret Nitrogen Balance and Soil Water Reserve Under Different Tillage Managements

: exploring the effects of different locations, climates and methods of analysis on model sensitivity to crop parameters. Environmental Modelling and Software. Vol. 25 p. 479–488. Duwing C., Normand B., Vauclin M., Vachaud G., Green S., Becquer T. 2003. Evaluation of the Wave model for predicting nitrate leaching for two contrasted soil and climate conditions. Vadose Zone Journal. Vol. 2(1) p. 76– 89. Erenstein O. 2003. Smallholder conservation farming in the tropics and subtropics: a guide to the development and dissemination of mulching with crop residues and cover

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Predicting water erosion in arid lands using the GIS-based RUSLE model: A case study of Bedour catchment, central Tunisia

. Sentinel-2 1c 10m resolution imagery [online]. [Access 13.07.2018]. Available at: C ormary Y., M asson J. 1964. Etude de conservation des eaux et du sol au centre de recherches du génie rural de Tunisie. Application à un projet-type de la formule de pertes de sols de Wischmeier [Water and soil conservation study at the Tunisian rural engineering research centre. Application of Wischmeier’s soil loss formula to a typical project]. Cahiers ORSTOM. Série Pédologie. Vol. 2.No. 3 p. 3–26. D esmet P.J.J., G overs G

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Modelling rainfall runoff relations using HEC-HMS in a semi-arid region: Case study in Ain Sefra watershed, Ksour Mountains (SW Algeria)

simulations. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Vol. 50(3) p. 885−900. N ash J.E., S utcliffe J. 1970. River flow forecasting through conceptual model. Part 1: A discussion of principles. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 10. Iss. 3 p. 282–290. N orhan A., S aud T., F ahad A., K amarul A. 2016. Arid hydrological modeling at wadi Alaqiq, Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Jurnal Teknologi p. 51–58. DOI 10.11113/jt.v78.4516. NRCS 2007. National Engineering Handbook: Part 630 – Hydrology. Chapter 7. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

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Assessing soil loss using GIS based RUSLE methodology. Case of the Bou Namoussa watershed – North-East of Algeria

Food and Agricultural Sciences pp. 8. C heikha B.L., G uedderi M. 2008. Le bassin versant du Jannet (Tunisie): Evaluation des risques d’érosion hydrique [Jannet catchment area (Tunisia): Assessing water erosion risks]. Mappemonde Journal. Iss. 90 p. 1–11. C ormary Y., M asson J. 1963. Application à un projet type de la formule de perte de sols de Wischmeier. Etude de conservation des eaux et du sol au Centre de recherches du génie rural de Tunisie [Application to a project type the soil loss equation of Wischmeier. Study of water conservation and from

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Mapping of soil erodibility and assessment of soil losses using the RUSLE model in the Sebaa Chioukh Mountains (northwest of Algeria)

photographic processing of data]. 1er colloque «pédologie-télédétection». Rome p. 297-310. RENARD K., FOSTER G., WEESIES G., MCCOOL D., YODER D. 1997. Predicting soil erosion by water: A guide to conservation planning with the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE). U.S. Department of Agriculture. Agriculture Handbook. No. 703. ISBN 0-16-048938-5 pp. 384. SADIKI A., BOUHLASSA S., SAÏDATI J., AUAJJAR J., FALEH A., MACAIRE J. 2004. Utilisation d’un SIG pour l’évaluation et la cartographie des risques d’érosion par l’Equation universelle

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