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of community mental health centres and users’ councils agreed for interviews to be carried out with patients at NGOs. Data are presented in a manner that conceals the participants’ identities. 3 Results The opinions of various stakeholders on the role of NGOs within the support network for people with depression are presented in Table 2 below. Table 2 A schematic presentation of stakeholders’ opinions on the role of NGOs in the mental health area within the support network for people with mental health problems. Stakeholders The summary of opinions on the

: schizotypy and the schizotaxic self. Schizophr Bull, 2011; 37: 1017–1026. 46. Koren D., Reznik N., Adres M., Scheyer R., Apter A., Steinberg T., et al. Disturbances of basic self and prodromal symptoms among nonpsy-chotic help-seeking adolescents. Psychol Med, 2013; 43: 1365–76. 47. Raballo A., Pappagallo E., Dell’ Erba A., Lo Cascio N., Patane’ M., Gebhardt E., et al. Self-disorders and clinical high risk for psychosis: an empirical study in help-seeking youth attending Community mental health facilities. Schizophr Bull, 2016; 42: 926-32. 48. Nelson B., Thompson A., Yung

Care Units was also relatively recent and rapid tranquilization protocols started to emerge. The use of clozapine changed the clinical management of patients who may have been classified as treatment resistant. This meant that more patients could be discharged to the community accommodation supported at different levels. Consultant role In 1992, I took over the running of a community mental health team in Camberwell in the same building where a specialized service for African Caribbean patients was piloted for 3 years funded by the Department of Health. I recall a

service utilisation were recorded. 3. Individual’s contact with primary health care providers, indigenous practitioners or healers and hospital services were recorded, 4. Personal perceptions of providers recorded along with issues affecting access to services and attitudes towards mental health. “Demand for, access to and use of community mental health care: lessons from a demonstration project in India and Pakistan.” Following were noted: 1) Individual’s use of integrated mental health and other care was modest. Principal (self-rated) supply-side factors were the

determinants of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression after a mass traumatic event’ Depression and Anxiety 28 8 666 675 Tural, U, Onder E, Aker, T 2012, ‘Effect of depression on recovery from PTSD’, Community Mental Health Journal , vol. 48, pp. 161–166. Tural U Onder E Aker T 2012 ‘Effect of depression on recovery from PTSD’ Community Mental Health Journal 48 161 166 Weiss, DS, Marmar, CR 1997, ‘The Impact of Event Scale Revised’ in JP Wilson & TM Keane (eds), Assessing Psychological Trauma and PTSD – A Practitioners Handbook , Guilford Press, New York. Weiss DS