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Assessment of abbott architect 25-oh vitamin D assay in different levels of vitamin D

, Abbott diagnostic claimed, their 25-OH Vitamin D kit could determine 25(OH) Vitamin D metabolites, with excellent accuracy and sensitivity. This kit also calibrated against NIST SRM 2972. Some studies in literature, investigate the verification of Architect 25-OH Vitamin D assay (Catalog no: 3L52-25, 510k Abbott) ( 13 , 14 , 15 ). In the present study, we aim to compare NIST traceable Architect 25-OH Vitamin D assay with LC-MS/MS systems. To the best of our knowledge in the literature there is not any study evaluated these methods in different levels of Vitamin D

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Current state of umbilical cord stem cells in humans

lymphocytes [ 14 ]. Most people with multiple sclerosis (about 85%) have been diagnosed with relapsing-remission (RRMS). People with RRMS experience periods of deterioration (relapse) followed by periods when symptoms regress or completely disappear (remission). 10% of patients have primary progressive MS (PPMS). People suffering from PPMS do not experience relapses, however, they claim that the disease progresses over time. In the absence of RRMS treatment, 50-60% of patients may switch to so-called secondary progressive MS (SPMS) [ 15 ]. In recent years, therapeutic

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Evaluation of total LDH and its isoenzymes as markers in preeclampsia

cerebral or visual disturbances ( 1 , 5 ). Eclampsia is defined as preeclampsia with sudden development of seizures or coma during the gestational or postpartum period, non-attributable to other neurological diseases that justify the convulsive state ( 6 ). Globally, preeclampsia is a leading cause of maternal and infant illness and mortality claiming up to 76,000 maternal and 500,000 infant deaths per year, according to conservative estimates ( 7 ). In India, the incidence of preeclampsia is 8% to 10 % among pregnant women ( 8 ). The major challenge posed by

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Ultrastructural variability of macrophages in the wall of selected aorto-coronary bypass grafts

consensus if RA or SV should be preferred [ 23 , 24 ]. Our findings may be treated as background for claiming that RA seems to be better aorto-coronary graft than SV because more active macrophages located in both the tunica intima and tunica media were found in the segments of the latter one. This study can help to support decision of cardiac surgeons regarding an optimal choice of vascular conduits. For sure, preoperative clinical status, coexisting diseases must be taken into account since some of them are associated with higher probability of vascular injury and

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Ovarian follicular cells - living in the shadow of stemness cellular competence

pathways, therefore, builds knowledge on the processes and creates the potential to modify them. To isolate exosomes, and also learn more about their optimal stability, one study claims exosomes prefer an acidic environment as more exosomal markers, proteins and RNA were found in a lower pH compared to the non-acidic environments [ 38 ]. Cell stress such as heat shock, hypoxia and disease can activate exosomes and cause GCs to secrete them [ 4 ]. The methods of uptake include endocytosis, simple fusion, exosomal surface ligands, and the modification outcome will be

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Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy, Resident Progenitor Cells and the role of Cellular Signalling; a Review

ventricular ejection fraction. Regardless, this form of treatment was shown to increase heart health significantly better than c-Kit+ and bone marrow-derived stem cells [ 11 ]. A 2013 study claimed that c-Kit+ cells held the potential for differentiation into CMs and subsequent proliferation and healing of the myocardium [ 12 ]. In contrast, a 2015 study demonstrated that C-kit+ cells were endothelial progenitor cells and not CPCs [ 13 ]. In 2018, it was also concluded that Sca-1+ cells were not CPCs [ 14 ]. Cardiosphere-derived cells have shown some promise to improve

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Functional Foods and Their Role in the Improvement of Health Status

Funkcionalna Hrana - Uloga U Unapređenju Zdravlja

Funkcionalna hrana je hrana koja ima povoljan uticaj na ljudsko zdravlje mimo uobičajenih nutritivnih funkcija. Biološki aktivna jedinjenja su nosioci povoljnog dejstva funkcionalne hrane. Brojni naučni dokazi govore u prilog tome da je ishrana bogata pojedinim namirnicama (kao što su to na primer voće i povrće) direktno u vezi sa smanjenim rizikom od hroničnih, nezaraznih bolesti, tako da se na tim saznanjima razvio koncept funkcionalne hrane. Otkrivaju se funkcionalne osobine tradicionalnih namirnica, ali se dizajniraju i nove funkcionalne namirnice. Uobičajene izjave koje prate tu vrstu namirnica mogu se svrstati u dve kategorije: (1) izjave o odnosu strukture i funkcije (engl. Structure and function claims) moraju da budu istinite i da ne dovode u zabludu potrošača. Te izjave ne moraju da budu odobrene od strane FDA; (2) zdravstvene izjave (engl. Health claims ili disease-specific claims) moraju da budu autorizovane od strane FDA i da poseduju značajnu naučnu potvrdu (Hillovi kriterijumi). Neophodno je rangiranje dokaza različitih tipova studija koje podržavaju zdravstvenu izjavu. Veliki broj biološki aktivnih jedinjenja su nestabilna tokom tretmana i čuvanja. Ona podležu mnogobrojnim hemijskim reakcijama, kao što su to oksidacija, hidroliza, termička degradacija i Maillardova reakcija, što rezultira smanjenjem bioiskoristljivosti. Povoljan efekat biološki aktivnih jedinjenja direktno zavisi od primenjenog tretmana.

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Ferritin in Joint Arthroplasty: Can It Be a Possible Biochemical Indicator of Articular Pain?


Background: A retrospective study was undertaken to investigate the biochemistry data of a restricted cohort of patients. The aim of our study was to evaluate laboratory data behavior and the VAS pain scale before and after joint replacement.

Methods: We produced an elaboration of the biochemical data of 90 orthopedic patients, collected from 2011 to 2013. These 90 patients were divided into 2 groups: one group of 45 patients who claimed severe postoperative pain and one group of 45 patients who showed no or mild postoperative pain. A student's t-test was applied, considering a P value less than 0.05 as statistically significant. Pearson correlation was applied. The pain visual analog scale [VAS] was employed.

Results: Significant and relevant unexpected biochemical differences were found between the two groups of patients. The serum level of ferritin was significantly higher in men who claimed postoperative pain. We excluded the possibility that the ferritin difference between the two groups was due to different iron storage or to an inflammatory profile.

Conclusions: The correct use of a biochemical database could permit identification of significant values which must be correlated with clinical data: these results confirmed what has been found in a dialysis cohort.

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Sensitive Cardiac Troponin Assays: Myth and Magic or a Practical Way Forward?

Sensitive Cardiac Troponin Assays: Myth and Magic or a Practical Way Forward?

Cardiac troponins (cTn) are considered to be the ‘gold standard’ biomarkers for the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) a pathological spectrum which includes cardiac ischemia, angina, myocardial infarction and ultimately cardiac failure. The growing evidence base for the diagnostic and prognostic use of cTn in ACS has resulted in a universal redefinition of acute myocardial infarction (AMI). A diagnosis of AMI includes the detection of an elevated cTn (or CK-MB) with at least one measurement within 24 hours of the cardiac episode being >upper 99th percentile of a reference population, in conjunction with evidence of myocardial ischemia. A number of high sensitivity immunoassays with claims of superior imprecision and a definable 99th percentile have been produced. Clinically, these have two important impacts. First, there is a drive to change the values into whole numbers by the application of a unit change which carries the scope for confusion. Secondly, the near-normal Gaussian distribution of sensitive cTn in healthy subjects will increase the frequency of cTn positivity in the non-ACS population. The problem is to decipher if such minor elevations in cTn are of clinical concern. What is certain is that AMI remains a clinical not a biochemical diagnosis and the interpretation of cTn concentrations should be made according to the clinical context.

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Medical Errors: Pre-Analytical Issue in Patient Safety

errors and their harms and consequences reported from family medicine practices: a study of the American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network. Qual Saf Health Care 2008; 17: 194-200. Gandhi TK, Kachalia A, Thomas EJ, Puopolo AL, Yoon C, Brennan TA, Studdert DM. Missed and delayed diagnoses in the ambulatory setting: a study of closed malpractice claims. Ann Intern Med 2006; 145: 488-96. Wahls TL, Cram PM. The frequency of missed test results and associated treatment delays in a highly computerized

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