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Preliminary Results on Growing Second Generation Biofuel Crop Miscanthus X Giganteus at The Polluted Military Site in Ukraine

-71. PANDEY, V.C., BAJPAI, O., SINGH, N.: Energy crops in sustainable phytoremediation, Renew. Sust. Energ. Rev., 54, 2016, 58-73. PIDLISNYUK, V.: Expanding the Potential of Second Generation Biofuels Crops by Using for Phytoremediation of Sites Contaminated by Heavy Metals: Laboratory Stage. Scientific Bulletin of Kremenchuk National University, 74, 2012, 104-108. PIDLISNYUK, V., STEFANOVSKA, T.: Method for growing plants in heavy metals contaminated soils. Claim for the Invention of Ukraine, #12471, 2013 (in Ukrainian). PIDLISNYUK, V

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Treatment of produced water by induced air flotation: effect of both TWEEN 80 and ethanol concentrations on the recovery of PAHs

) contaminated soil washing effluent by bioaugmentation/biostimulation process. Sep. Purif. Technol. 168: 248-256. Gupta AK, Banerjee PK, Mishra A, Satish P, Pradip (2007) Effect of alcohol and polyglycol ether frothers on foam stability, bubble size and coal flotation. Int. J. Min. Process. 82: 126-137. Hagström EL, Lyles C, Pattanayek M, DeShields B, Berkman MP (2016) Produced water - emerging challenges, risks, and opportunities. Environ. Claims J. 28: 122-139. Hoseini SM, Salarirad MM, Alavi Moghaddam MR (2013) TPH removal

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