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Electrical field landscape of two electroceuticals


In recent years several electrical wound management systems, so called electroceuticals, have been introduced claiming an induced electrical response in the wounded tissue. Some have external current and voltage sources while others have internal constructions aiming at creating necessary therapeutic currents. We investigate two representative electroceuticals by mapping out their electrical field landscapes using a previously developed skin model within a numerical simulation scheme. We find very strong fields from the electroceuticals of the order of 1 kV/m amenable for electrotaxic influence on pertinent cell types for wound healing. Current densities can locally be as high as 1 A/cm2.

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Impedance surprises

I first started thinking about bioimpedance many years ago in the context of instruments claiming to be able to assess body fat, from measurements of the electrical resistance between hands and feet. The basis of the technique is that the major components of the body are firstly muscle, which has a low resistivity, and then fat which has a high resistivity. If you regard the body as a cylinder then the total resistance will depend upon the length and the area of cross-section of the body and also the average resistivity of the muscle and fat. You can estimate

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Impedance of tissue-mimicking phantom material under compression

practical tissue-mimicking material for soft biological tissues 29. In this paper we explore the mechanism by which the passive electrical properties of a quasi-biological phantom of soft tissues are altered by compression. We postulate that exodus of the conductive fluid from the sample results in a decrease in the sample’s overall admittance. Furthermore, we contend that this decrease in admittance is intrinsically related to the stress relaxation function of the sample as it is under compression. In testing the validity of this claim, we model tofu as a Maxwellian

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Compression-dependency of soft tissue bioimpedance for in-vivo and in-vitro tissue testing

any type of tissue has a specific electrical-mechanical properties based model. Since tumors in soft tissues change both the electrical and mechanical properties of tissue, it is postulated that healthy and tumorous tissues have different electrical-mechanical correlation. Thus, by finding this relationship and model, the structure, type and abnormality of the tissue can be estimated. Therefore, presence of inhomogeneity in the soft tissue electrical-mechanical behavior may help develop a tumor detection technique. To test the validity of this claim, various types

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Preliminary Clinical Study On Ms Treatment With Hyperbaric Oxygenation

- Therapeutic claims in multiple sclerosis. Warsaw 1987. - trans. from the 2nd ed. of Therapeutic Claims in Multiple Scloerosis 1983. 15. Kurtzke J. - Further notes on disability evaluation in Multiple Sclerosis with scale modification. Neurol. 1965.15:654-661. 16. Kurtzke J. - A proposal for a uniform minimal disability in Multiple Sclerosis. Symp. On Multiple SclerosisService Functional Disability Ratings: Medical, Social and Economic Implications. Stockholm 1980. 17. Mertin J., McDonald W. - Hyperbaric-Oxygen for patients

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