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Damages for Personal Injuries – in Labour and Service Law

between the breach of legal duties and the occurrence of damage. To claim compensation, all these assumptions must be performed at the same time; if any of these are missing, the claim shall not arise. The state is obliged to compensate the soldier not only for the damage caused by the breach of his duty but also for the damage caused to him by another entity (another soldier or another person). Compensation for the loss of salary for a period of inability to perform their duties In order to preserve the principle of compensation for actual damage sustained as a

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International Court Jurisdiction in Disputes Concerning Unlawful Use of Trademarks on the Internet

is needed because of the specific nature of internet as a tool capable of transferring double-sided information regardless of state borders. Unlike Goldsmith, they reach conclusion that the court jurisdiction cannot be examined by substantial effect criteria on the territory of the affected state. Johnson and Post state, that the relationship between the two communicators can have an impact everywhere, so every court of every state could claim its jurisdiction. This situation cannot be acceptable, because it would create the unreal criterion that everyone would

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Parents with an Unemployed Adult Child: Consumption, Income, and Savings Effects

supply, all of the dependent variables that we measure are household summaries; we only need to observe one parent to capture any changes to partner behavior. Table 1 summarizes all of the matched mothers in our sample, together and separated into three age groups: working age (less than 62 years old), the retirement windo This is defined by Social Security, the early retirement age is 62 years old; and after age 70, there is no longer a financial incentive to delay claiming. (age 62-70), and retired (older than 70). We will use this grouping in subgroup analysis

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Actuarial Neutrality and Financial Incentives for Early Retirement in the Austrian Pension System

“right” ones. Actuarial fairness is based on the concept of fairness over the whole lifespan. The idea is that an individual accumulates pension wealth with his or her own contributions. Pension entitlement is then based on one’s contributions to the system and the expected duration of the pension claim. This means that the person expects, at the beginning of the contributions, to receive the same amount of the cumulated pension as the payout as he or she has contributed over his or her working lifetime. This requirement is not met by the Austrian pension system. In

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Intelligence Information within Criminal Proceedings

or protective measure under the law, the decision to execute or to provide for its execution, to decide on the claim of damages for the damaged person, while respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural and legal persons. While, at the same time, to strengthen the rule of law, prevent and suppress criminal activity and educate citizens. In the conditions of the Slovak Republic, the criminal law is procedurally regulated by a generally binding legal regulation – the Act no. 301/2005 Coll. on Criminal Code of 24 May 2005, as subsequently amended. This

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Are Pain and Suffering Awards (Un-)Predictable? Evidence from Germany

-determination, reasonable compensation in money may also be demanded for any damage that is not pecuniary loss”. Hence, Art 253 BGB represents the central statutory provision of German tort law regarding claims in case of DPS. In 2002, the German tort law was reformed according to the “Zweites Gesetz zur Änderung schadensersatz-rechtlicher Vorschriften”. Since then, damages for pain and suffering can be based on tort as well as on the violation of contractual obligations (see Magnus 2003 and Koziol 2012 , for a detailed discussion). In our empirical analysis below, we explicitly

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Transparency in Public Procurement – the Case of Slovenia

scope of access to tenders. The request to access the tender of the selected tenderer may be filed only by tenderers that submitted admissible tenders and which were not excluded as inadmissible. Article 35 of the ZJN-3. Access must be concluded before the expiry of the time limit for filing a request for review, which under the ZJN-2 was only possible if the tenderer claimed an alleged violation of the law. The ZJN-3 removed the provision that obliged the contracting authority to inform the tenderers about their tenders being subject to access and communicate to

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Survey vs Scraped Data: Comparing Time Series Properties of Web and Survey Vacancy Data

advertisements online in their search for suitable workers. Since 2007, the private company Textkernel . has been scraping online vacancies in the Netherlands. Although there is no way to establish whether all online vacancies are being crawled, Textkernel claims to be crawling all websites with vacancies that are known to them, based on their many years of experience, as well as new websites with vacancies. The Textkernel algorithm is continuously updated and improved. With the exception of an anomaly, due to early stages of the algorithm

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