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Social engineering of human resources and provision of medical services on leadership styles in hospitals

processes, and an agenda for future research , Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, 17, 1-39. K ambil , A. 2010. Developing The Next Generation Of Leaders , Journal Of Business Strategy, vol. 31, no. 2, 43-35. L ewin , K., L ippit R. 1938. An experimental approach to the study of autocracy and democracy , A preliminary note, Sociometry, 1, 292-300. M arcus , O. D urham , D urham , R. A., D urham , R. 2006. Leadership & Success In Organizations, Culture & Ethics, Group or horizontal interaction, Dream Point Publishers Tulsa, Fidlar

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The Life Cycle of a Training Project in a Research and Development Unit

, 60, pp. 451-474. [32] Mathieu, J.E., Tannenbaum, S.I. and Salas, E., 2009, Influences of Individual and Situational Characteristics on Measures of Training Effectiveness , Academy of Management Journal, 4/35, pp. 828-847. [33] Gunz, H.P. and Jalland, H.M., 1996, Managerial Careers and Business Strategies , Academy of Management Review, 3/21, pp. 718-756. [34] Rae, L., 2015, Planowanie i projektowanie szkoleń , Oficyna a Wolters Kluwer business, Warszawa. [35] Szkutnicki, P., 2001, Przekonać załogę do zmian , Personel i Zarządzanie, 15

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Imitation and innovation in business environment

Evolution of New Businesses , The Oxford University Press, Oxford. Bolton, M.K., 1993. Imitation Versus Innovation: Lessons To Be Learned From The Japanese , Organizational Dynamics, 21(3). Brondoni, S.M., 2014. Innovation and Imitation for Global Competitive Strategies. The Corporation Development Models of US, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1). Chang,S.C., Yang, C.L., Cheng, H.C., Sheu, C., 2003. Manufacturing Flexibility And Business Strategy: An Empirical Study Of Small And Medium Sized Firms . International

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Multi-criteria decision analysis for simplified evaluation of clean energy technologies

technology adoption: a study of the Spanish pulp and paper industry , Business strategy and the environment, 14(1), 20-37. Grundwald, A., Rösch, C., 2011. Sustainability assessment of energy technologies: towards an integrative framework, Energ y, Sustainability and Society 1, 2011, 3. Harris, J.M., Wise T., Goodwin N.R., 2001. A survey of sustainable development: social and economic dimensions, frontier issues in economic thought , Island Press,. Washington, DC, 6. Hrovatin, N., Dolšak , N., Zorić, J., 2016. Factors

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The Analysis of the State Space of Management Process in the Industry Applying Expert Systems

. Michalski, R.S., Chilausky, R. L. (1980). Knowledge acquisition by encoding expert rules versus computer induction from examples a case study involving soybean pathology. International Journal of Man-Machine Studies. Vol. 12 , 63-87. Miller, D. (1987). The Structural and Environment Correlates of Business Strategy, Strategic Management Journal, No 8, 26-34. Нейлор, К. (1991). Как построить свою экспертную систему . Энергоатомиздат, Москва, 283. Нестеров, В.П., Нестеров, И.Б. (2016). Автоматизация деятельности организации (online). Obtained from

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