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Qualitative Research in WoS of the Link between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance

). Towards the sustainable corporation: Win-win-win business strategies for sustainable development. California Management Review, 36: 90-100. Elkington, J. (1994). Towards the sustainable corporation: Win-win-win business strategies for sustainable development. California Management Review, 36: 90-100. Flammer, C. (2012). Corporate social responsibility and stock prices: The environmental awareness of shareholders. MIT Sloan School of Management, 1: 1-31 available at , accessed March

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The Innovative Capacity of Firms

References Barney, J. B. (1986) “Strategic Factors Markets: Expectations, Luck and Business Strategy”, Management Science, 32, 1231-1241. Camagni, R. and Cappello, R. (1997), “Innovation and Performance of SMEs in Italy: The Relevance of Spatial Aspects”, ESRC Working Paper No.60, Cambridge, ESRC Centre for Business Research. CBI/DTI (1993), “Innovation: The Best Practise”, CBI/DTI. Cooke, P. and Morgan, K. (1994), “The Regional Innovation System in Baden-Wurttemberg”, International Journal of Technology Management, 9, 3/4, 394-429. EC (1995

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Understanding Supplier Resistance - Overcoming Obstacles to Supply Innovation

Management . 24 th September pp.28-29 Morton B., Green K., New, S. J. and Millar, C. [1997] “'Negotiating Environmental Improvement': The Emerging Role of Environmental Supply Chain Management and NUS Services Ltd” Proceedings of the Business Strategy and the Environment Conference , Leeds, September. Porter A. M [1998] “Was it all just talk?” Purchasing 124:1 pp.51-59. Rinehart J., Nuxley C. and Robertson, D. [1997] Just Another Car Factory? Lean Production and its Discontents . Cornell University Press, Ithica. Taylor P. [1999] “Companies 'Confuse' Clients

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Relationships Between Miles and Snow Strategic Types and Organizational Performance in Polish Production Companies

and founding institutions on strength of competitive aspirations in transition economies. Strategic Management Journal, 33: 448-458, Shortell, S.M. and Zajac, E.J. (1990). Perceptual and archival measures of Miles and Snow’s strategic types: A comprehensive assessment of reliability and validity. Academy of Management Journal, 33(4): 817-832, Slater, S.F. and Olson, E.M. (2001). Marketing’s contribution to the implementation of business strategy: An empirical analysis

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An Influence of Strategic Awareness on Management Control: Evidence from Polish Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

-168. Chenhall, R.H. and Langfield-Smith, K. (1998). The relationship between strategic priorities, management techniques and management accounting: an empirical investigation using systems approach. Accounting, Organisations and Society, 23(3): 243-264. Chong, V.K. (1996). Management accounting systems, task uncertainty and managerial performance: a research note. Accounting, Organisations and Society, 21(5): 415-421. Cinquini, L. and Tenucci, A. (2008). Strategic management accounting and business strategy: a loose coupling. Journal of

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SME Customer Service Excellence: A Singaporean Case Study

sector in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Business Administration, 5(4):77-84. Online Published: July 4, 2014, Sciedu Press. Seidman, A. M. (2001). An examination of the relationship between employee behavior and customer satisfaction in quick service restaurants. Nova Southeastern University, ProQuest, UMI Dissertations Publishing. Simon, H. (1996). You don’t have to be German to be a hidden champion, Business Strategy Review, 7(92): 1-13. Smith, D. A. (2000). Smart or art?: Is product knowledge the key to

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Factors of Success and Failure for International Retailers in Poland

. International Marketing Review , 25 (6): 674–699, Evans, J., Bridson, K., Byrom, J. and Medway, D. (2008). Revisiting retail internationalization: Drivers, impediments and business strategy. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management , 36 (4): 260–280, Ghauri, P.N. and Grønhaug, K. (2005). Research methods in business studies: A practical guide . Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. Glaser, B.G. and Strauss, A.L. (2009). The discovery of

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Measures of Competitive Intensity – Analysis Based on Literature Review

relative influence of competitive intensity and business strategy on the relationship between financial leverage and performance. British Accounting Review, 40(1): 71-86, Ju, M. and Zhao, H. (2009). Behind organizational slack and firm performance in China: The moderating roles of ownership and competitive intensity. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 26(4): 701-717, Kamiński, J. (2012). Podstawy metodyczne wskaźnikowej oceny siły rynkowej w sektorze

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Company Actions and Value Drivers: Manager Reports from Polish Firms

investments on learning and innovation in organizations. Journal of Organizational Behavior , 35 : 393–412, Teece, D.J. (2010). Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation. Long Range Planning , 43 : 172–194, Terho, H., Haas, A., Eggert, A. and Ulaga, W. (2012). It’s almost like taking the sales out of selling’ – Towards a conceptualization of value-based selling in business markets. Industrial Marketing Management , 41 : 174–185,

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Interfirm Cooperation Strategy of Hyper-Growth and Stable-Growth ICT Firms in Sweden

.5465/AMP.2009.43479264 Putnam, R.D. (1993). The prosperous community. American Prospect , 7 : 35–42. Veiga, P. and Franco, M. (2015). Alliance portfolios and firms’ business strategy: a content analysis approach. Management Research Review , 38 (11): 1149–1171, Reid, D., Bussiere, D. and Greenaway, K. (2001). Alliance formation issues for knowledge-based enterprises. International Journal of Management Reviews , 3 (1): 79–100, Rody, R. and Stearns, T.M. (2013

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