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Product Portfolio Management: An Important Business Strategy


The aim of this article is to provide reader with a comprehensive insight on the theories, empirical findings and models of Product Portfolio Management (PPM) during new product development. This article will allow for an in-depth theoretical approach on PPM and demonstrate to managers the importance of adopting PPM as business strategy during decision making. The objective of this paper is to present a literature review of models, theories, approaches and findings on the relationship between Product Portfolio Management and new product development. Relevant statistical trends, historical developments, published opinion of major writers in this field will be presented to provide concrete evidence of the problem being discussed.

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Empirical Validation of Blue Ocean Strategy Sustainability in an International Environment

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Influence of Information Technology on Organization Strategy

. Journal of Information Technology, 30, pp.91-100. [8] Cuenca, L., Boza, A., Bas, Á.O. and Trienekens, J.J., 2014. Business-IT Alignment and Service Oriented Architecture-A Proposal of a Service Oriented Strategic Alignment Model. International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Porto, Portugal, pp.490-495. [9] De Haes, S. and Van Grembergen, W., 2015. Enterprise Governance of IT, Alignment and Value. Enterprise Governance of Information Technology. Springer. [10] Dennis, D. and Walsh, F., 2015. Align Business

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The Japanese Model of Knowledge Management

European Heritage Days Case Study), Łazarski University, 2011. [10] Roth J. - Enabling Knowledge Creation: Learning from an R&D Organization [in] Journal of Knowledge Management, 2003, Vol. 7, No. 1. [11] Strategie przedsiębiorstw a zarządzanie wiedzą (Business Strategies and Knowledge Management), (eds. J. Dąbrowski and G. Gierszewska), Publishing House of the Higher School of Enterprise and Management, Warsaw 2005. [12] Toffler A., Toffler H. - Budowanie nowej cywilizacji. Polityka trzeciej fali (Creating a New

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A Study on Improving the Effectiveness of a Manufacturing Company in the Context of Knowledge Management – Research Results

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A Model of Knowledge Sharing in Polish Manufacturing Enterprises

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Project Management in Research and Development

ludzkimi w biznesie i w administracji publicznej. Difin. Warszawa 2011. [43] Teece D.J. - Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation [in] Long Range Planning, Vol. 43, 2010. [44] Trocki M. (ed.) - Nowoczesne zarządzanie projektami. PWE, Warszawa 2012. [45] Trocki M., Grucza B. - Zarządzanie projektem europejskim. PWE, Warszawa 2007. [46] Wehrenfennig D. - “Do You Hear Me Now?” - The Use of Modern Communication Technology for Conflict Management [at] Proceedings of the International Studies Association

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Staircase To Sustainable Development

Administrative Innovations in the Canadian Manufacturing Industry . Business strategy and the environment (online), 16:119-132. (accessed 10 July 2013). [20] Holt A. (2009) - Environmental management accounting (EMA): empirical evidence from the UK manufacturing sector [in] Management Accounting Research Group (MARG) Conference: Innovation and Sustainability in Management Accounting (online) (accessed 13 March 2014). [21] Hyrslova’ J., Vagner M., Palasek J. (2011) - Material Flow Cost

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The Analysis and Synthesis of Strategic Management Research in the Third Sector from Early 2000 Through to Mid-2009

), 2009, pp. 29-50. Chien-Tzu Tsai, Pao-Long Chang, Tzu-Chuan Chou, Yih-Ping Cheng. - An integration framework of innovation assessment for the knowledge-intensive service industry [in] International Journal of Technology Management 30 (1), 2005, pp. 85-104. Cochran D. S., David F. R., Gibson C. K. - A Framework for Developing an Effective Mission Statement [in] Journal of Business Strategies 25 (2), 2008, pp. 27-39. Courtney R. - Strategic Management for Voluntary Nonprofit Organizations

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The Competitiveness of Business Groups and Their Affiliates in International Operations

). Business groups' outward FDI: A managerial resources perspective. Journal of International Management, 16(2), pp.154-164. [64] Teece, D., 2014. A dynamic capabilities-based entrepreneurial theory of the multinational enterprise. Journal of International Business Studies, 45(1), pp.8-37. [65] Teece, D., Pisano, G., Shuen, A., 1997. Dynamic capabilities and strategic mana-gement. Strategic Management Journal, 18(7), pp.509-533. [66] UNCTAD, 2010. World Investment Report. New York: United Nations. [67] Verbeke, A., 2009. International business strategy: Rethinking the

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