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Asylum Seekers Arrived, Elites Occupied the Air
Topics and Interviewees in YLE’s Magazine Programmes During the “Asylum-Seeker Crisis”

from Research Into Media Coverage of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the UK . London: Article 19. Conrad, Peter (1999). Uses of Expertise: Sources, Quotes, and Voice in the Reporting of Genetics in the News. Public Understanding of Science, 8(4): 285-302. Cross, Kathleen Ann (2010). Experts in the News: The Differential Use of Sources in Election Television News. Canadian Journal of Communication , 35(3): 413-429. Curran, James (2002). Media and Power . London: Routledge. Dennison, James & Goodwin, Matthew (2015). Immigration, Issue

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The Moral Police
Agenda-setting and Framing Effects of a New(s) Concept of Immigration

Belgian press coverage of the asylum issue,” European Journal of Communication 20(4): 484-507. Gross, B.K. and Threadgold T. (2007) Broadcast News Coverage of Asylum, April to October 2006: Caught Between Human Rights and Public Safety, Cardiff: Oxfam and Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. Hafez, K. (2000) “Islam and the West in the Mass Media: Fragmented Images in a Globalizing World,” Cresskill: Hampton Press. Horsti, K. (2013) “De-ethnicized victims: Mediatized advocacy for asylum seekers

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Haptic Transgression. The Horror of Materiality in Kurt Kren’s Films

with Kurt Kren. In Kurt Kren: Structural Films , eds. Nick Hamlyn, Simon Payne, and A. L. Rees, 201. Bristol, Chicago: Intellect. Sakoilsky, Paul. 2010. Breaking Out of the Reality Asylum. Thoughts on Hermann Nitsch and the Orgies Mysteries Theatre. Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill Catalogue vol. 8: 14–22. Sitney, P. Adams. 2014. The Cinema of Poetry . New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Sobchack, Vivian. 1992. The Address of the Eye. A Phenomenology of Film Experience . Princeton/New Jersey: Princeton University Press. Sobchack

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Beyond Representation
Newspapers and Citizenship Participation in the Case of a Minority Ethnic Group

Transformation. London: Sage. Nordberg, C. (2003) ’Mot modernt kulturellt medborgarskap? Finländska romer i brytningstid’, Sosiologi i dag, 33(4): 27-53. Nordberg, C. (2004) ‘Legitimising Immigration Control: Romani Asylum-Seekers in the Finnish Debate’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 30(4): 717-35. Nordberg, C. (2006, forthcoming) ‘Claiming Citizenship: Marginalised Voices on Identity and Belonging’, Citizenship Studies, 10(5). Pakulski, J. (1997) ‘Cultural Citizenship’, Citizenship Studies, 1(1): 73

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Global Mobility and the Media
Presenting Asylum Seekers as a Threat

ideologia. Kieli ja valta julkisessa kielenkäytössä. Helsinki: Helsingin yliopiston suomen kielen laitos, 131-150. Brosius, Hans-Bernd & Eps, Peter (1995) ’Prototyping through Key Events. News Selection in the Case of Violence against Aliens and Asylum Seekers in Germany’, European Journal of Communication 10(3): 391-412. Cahn, Claude and Trehan, Nidhi (1997) Time of the Skinheads. European Roma Rights Center Reports. Castoriadis, Cornelius (1997) Magma. Tutkielmia yhteiskunnan imaginaarisista instituutioista. Juva: Hanki ja

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(re)Articulating Feminism
A Discourse Analysis of Sweden’s Feminist Initiative Election Campaign

References Baker, Paul & McEnery, Tony (2005). A corpus-based approach to discourses of refugees and asylum seekers in UN and newspaper texts. Journal of Language and Politics,4 (2), 197-226. Baker, Paul (2006). Using corpora in discourse analysis . London: A&C Black. Bie, Narok (2014). Fridolin: “Sverige ska få en feministisk regering”. SVT . Retrieved from , 21 November 2015. Brah, Avtar & Phoenix, Ann (2004). Ain’t I a woman? Revisiting intersectionality

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