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New Borders and New Spaces: The Case of Theasylum Seeker in Strasbourg, France

References Clochard O., Decourcelle A. & Intrand C., 2003. Zones d'attente et demande d'asile à la frontière: le renforcement des contrôles migratoires? (Holding zones and asylum requests at the border: the reinforcement of migration control?). Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales. Derrida J. & Dufourmantelle A., 1997. De l'hospitalité (Of hospitality) . Calmann-Lévy. Di Méo G., 1996. Les territoires du quotidian (Territories of the everyday) . L

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Policy Vs. Practice: The Effectiveness of Refugee Integration Policies in the Czech Republic

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The Contemporary EU's Notion of Territoriality and External Borders

’, [in:] BACHTLER, J. and TUROK I., The Coherence of EU Regional Policy. Contrasting Perspectives on the Structural Funds , London: Jessica Kingsley. GEDDES, A. (2001), ‘International Migration and State Sovereignty in an Integrating Europe’, International Migration , 39 (6), pp. 21-42. HARVEY, C. (2000), ‘Dissident Voices: Refuges, Human Rights and Asylum in Europe’, Social and Legal Studies , 9 (3), pp. 367-396. HOUTUM, H. van (2002), ‘Borders of Comfort: Spatial Economic Bordering

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Growing Old in Cities. Council Housing Estates in Trieste as Laboratories for New Perspectives in Urban Planning

, E. (1961), Asylums. Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and other Inmates , New York: Anchor Books, Doubleday. HILLCOAT-NALLETAMBY, S., OGG J., RENAUT S. and BONVALET C. (2010), ‘Ageing Populations and Housing Needs: Comparing Strategic Policy Discourses in France and England’, Social Policy and Administration , 44 (7), pp. 808-826. HUBER, A. (ed.), (2008), New Approaches to Housing for the Second Half of Life , Basel-Boston-Berlin: ETH, Birkhäuser. HUBER, A

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Die Akzeptanz von Flüchtlingen. Eine vergleichende Studie sechs deutscher Wohngebiete

soziale Raum der postmigrantischen Gesellschaft Weinheim 217 239 Lubbers, M.; Coenders, M.; Scheepers, P. (2006): Objections to Asylum Seeker Centres. Individual and Contextual Determinants of Resistance to Small and Large Centres in the Netherlands. In: European Sociological Review 22, 3, 243-257. 10.1093/esr/jci055 Lubbers M. Coenders M. Scheepers P. 2006 Objections to Asylum Seeker Centres. Individual and Contextual Determinants of Resistance to Small and Large Centres in the Netherlands European Sociological Review 2 3 243 257 10

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Urban Citizenship and the Spatial Encounter between Turkish Migrants and Syrian Refugees in Berlin

1 Introduction Since the eruption of the Syrian war in 2011, over five million people have fled violence and sought asylum mainly in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. In the meantime, European countries have been widely criticized for not sharing responsibility. With its historic decision to open its borders to refugees stuck in Hungary in the summer of 2015, only Germany (and Sweden) have followed a relatively "open door" approach towards Syrian refugees. In particular, Germany suspended the Dublin Protocol for Syrian refugees "by

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Rescaling of Metropolitan Governance and Spatial Planning in Europe: an Introduction to the Special Issue

environmental challenges. However, new problems are emerging in the European metropolis, like the permanent fiscal crisis and austerity measures, increased inequalities, and new uncontrolled migration flows of asylum seekers and immigrants. The question of how metropolitan practices and institutions should address these new challenges and problems remains open. A critical appraisal is required which not only focuses on criteria of performance and efficiency (output legitimacy), but also on criteria of democracy, transparency (input and through-put legitimacy), social justice

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Refugees in Poland: Selected Issues in Research

References Asylum Levels and Trends in Industrialized Countries, 2007, Statistical Overview of Asylum Applications Lodged in Europe and Selected Non-European Countries, 2008: UNHCR. Frelak, J., Klaus, W. 2007: Rekomendacje i dobre praktyki. In: Frelak, J., Klaus, W. and Wiśniewski, J. editors, Analiza programów integracyjnych dla uchodźców, Warszawa: Instytut Spraw Publicznych, pp. 247--262. Głąbicka, K., Kępińska, E., Koryś, P., Sakson, B. 1997: Imigracja do Polski w świetle

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Immigrants and Immigration Policy in Ageing Finland

References Act on the Application of Residence-Based Social Security Legislation (1573/1993), 1993: Helsinki: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, accessed on: Act on the Integration of Immigrants and Reception of Asylum Seekers (439/1999), 1999: Helsinki: Ministry of Labour, accessed on: Aliens Act (301/2004), 2004: Helsinki: Ministry of the Interior, accessed on: http

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Agricultural Science Procedia, Vol. 8, pp. 128-134. DOI: 10.1016/j.aaspro.2016.02.017 Migrationsverket, 2017: Antal asylsökande - aktuell statistik (Number of asylum seekers: Current statistics - in Swedish). Available at:, DoA: 01.06.2017. O’Brien, K., 2013: Global environmental change III: Closing the gap between knowledge and action. In: Progress in Human Geography, Vol. 37(4): pp. 587-596. DOI: 10.2478/bog- 2018-0020 Olsson, E.G.A., 2018: Urban food systems

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