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The prevalence of injuries in professional Turkish soccer players

.2.104. Drovak J., A. Junge (2000) Football injuries and physical symptoms, a review of the literature. Am.J. Sports Med. 2:3-9. Hawkins R. D., M. A. Hulse, C. Wilkinson, A. Hodson, M. Gibson (2001) The association football medical research programme: an audit of injuries in professional football. Br.J. Sports Med. 35: 43-47 DOI:10.1136/bjsm.35.1.43. Hoy K., B. E. Lindblad, C. J. Terkelsen, H. E. Helleland, C. J. Terkelsen (2003) European football injuries - a prospective epidemiologic and socioeconomic study. Am

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Anthropometric Parameters in National Footballers in the Republic of Macedonia

References 1. Reilly T, Bangsbo J, Franks A. Anthropometric and physiological predispositions for elite soccer. J Sports Sci. 2000; 18(9): 669–683. 2. Meszaros T, Mohacsi J, Szabo T, Szmodis I. Anthro pometry and competitive sport in Hungary. Acta Biol Szeged. 200; 44 (1–4): 189–192. 3. Bell W, Rhodes G. The morphological characteristics of the association football player. Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness. 1975; 20: 196–200. 4. American College of Sports Medicine position stand (ACSM). (2009). Nutrition and athletic performance. Medicine

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Effects of training on postural control and agility when wearing socks of different compression levels

. Hasan H., K. Davids, J.Y. Chow, G. Kerr (2015) The Effects of Wearing Textured Insoles and Clinical Compression Socks on Kicking Performance in Association Football. Communication to World Congress in Science and Football, May 20-23, Copenhagen, Denmark. 15. Hasan H., K. Davids, J.Y. Chow, G. Kerr (Under review) Compression and Texture in Socks Enhance Football Kicking Performance. 16. Hijmans J.M., W. Zijlstra, J.H.B. Geertzen, A.L. Hof, K. Postema (2009) Foot and ankle compression improves joint position sense but not bipedal stance

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