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The Christian Democratic Youth of Slovakia: Christian Legacy, Post-Socialist Memory and the Present Spirit of Capitalism


The subject of this case study is the youth political organisation Christian Democratic Youth of Slovakia (KDMS). The first parts of this paper are dedicated to history and the structure of organisation. Latter parts discuss the influence of historical memory on creating the collective discourses of KDMS and its civic engagements, ambitions and activities. The purpose of the paper is also to evaluate the role of religion and secularisation in KDMS agenda and also to discuss the ways how the ´christian heritage´ becames the source for arguments in political debates and opossitely how the christianity could be interpreted in the light of conservative and right oriented socio-economic and political worldview.

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Ethnicity in Space and Everyday Practice: an Outline of a General Framework with Examples from New Mexico


Studies of ethnicity have emphasized ethnicity’s social, processual and event-like character. While they have been very successful in explaining change, they have failed to account for the durability and renewed importance of many group identities. We argue that taking into account spatial and embodied dimensions of ethnicity, we can explain continuity without falling back to primordialism and essentialism. The most important spatial factors in explaining the strength of ethnic identities include spatial separation, the built environment, generative processes associated with the built environment, performances and embodied practices, and the linguistic landscape. The article provides an outline for a general framework for the analysis of ethnicity, using examples from New Mexico as illustrations of individual arguments.

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