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Representational Systems in Zoosemiotics and Anthroposemiotics Part II: On Meta-Representation and Human Language

in linguistic theory. Linguistic Inquiry , 18, 369–411. [96] Saffran, E.M., Schwartz, M.F., Linebarger, M.C., 1998. Semantic influences on thematic role assignment: Evidence from normals and aphasics. Brain and Language , 62(2), 255–297. [97] Bornkessel, I., Schlesewsky, M., Comrie, B., et al., (Eds.) 2006. Semantic role universals and argument linking: Theoretical, typological, and psycholinguistic perspectives . Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton. [98] Luraghi, S., Narrog, H. (Eds.) 2014. Perspectives on semantic roles . Amsterdam: John Benjamins

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Rhetorical meaning

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Representational Systems in Zoosemiotics and Anthroposemiotics Part I: What Have the So-Called “Talking Animals” Taught Us about Human Language?

. Child Development , 77(3), 712–735. [204] Dixon, J.A., Marchman, V.A., 2007. Grammar and the lexicon: Developmental ordering in language acquisition. Child Development , 78(1), 190–212. [205] Pinker, S., 1989. Learnability and cognition: The acquisition of argument structure . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [206] Shapiro, K.A., Pascual-Leone, A., Mottaghy, F.M., et al., 2001. Grammatical distinctions in the left frontal cortex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience , 13(6), 713–720. [207] Waxman, S.R., Booth, A.E., 2000. Principles that are invoked

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