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Oxidative Stress Induced DNA Damage and Reproductive Toxicity in Male Albino Mice Orally Exposed to Sorbitol

.C., 2012. Effects of a carbonaceous bottling plant effluent on albino mice sperm morphology and testes histopathology. Nature Science, 10 :154-160. Alabi, O.A., Bakare, A.A., Filippin-Monteiro, F.B., Sierra, J.A., Creczynski-Pasa, T.B., 2013. Electronic waste leachate-mediated DNA fragmentation and cell death by apoptosis in mouse fibroblast (NIH/3T3) cell line. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 94 :87-93. Alabi, O.A., Bakare, A.A., 2015. Cytogenotoxic Effects and Reproductive Abnormalities Induced by e-waste Contaminated Underground Water in Mice

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Fractions of Adenopus breviflorus Extract Modulate Calcium-induced Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Opening in Rat Liver

., Thirumaran, A., Zakharian, E., Robertoson, G. S., and Pavlov, E. V., 2016. Mitochondrial permeability transition pore induction is linked to the formation of the complex of ATPasee C-Subunit polyhydroxybutyrate and inorganic polyphosphate. Cell Death Dis ., 2 , 1-9. Federico, A., Cardaioli, E., Da Pozzo, P., Formichi, P., Gallus, G, N., and Radi, E., 2012. Mitochondria, Oxidatiive Stress and Neurodegeneration. J. Neurol. Sci . 322 (1-2), 254-262. Fulda, S., 2010. Modulation of Apoptosis by Natural Products for Cancer Therapy. Planta Med . 76 , 1075

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Haematological and Genotoxicity Evaluations of Phytochemical Compounds from n-Hexane Extract of Uvaria chamae Stem on Selected Organs in Mice

–80 Gibb, R.K., Taylor, D.D., Wan, T., O’Connor, D.M., Doering, D.L., and Gerçel-Taylor, C., 1997. Apoptosis as a measure of chemosensitivity to cisplatin and taxol therapy in ovarian cancer cell lines. Gynecol Oncol . 65 (1), 13-22 Kaur, N., Chaudhary, J., Jain, A. and Kishore, L., 2011. Stigmasterol: A Comprehensive Review. Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Res ., 2 (9), 2259-2265 Kim, T.H., Lim, H.J., Kim, M.S. and Lee, M.S., 2012. Dietary supplements for benign prostatic hyperplasia: An overview of systematic reviews. Maturitas , 73 (3), 180–185 Kone

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Optimization of the Antioxidant Extraction from Eleutherococcus Senticosus Roots by Response Surface Methodology

, 2000, 345-393. FUJIKAWA, T., YAMAGUCHI, A., MORITA, I., TAKEDA, H., NISHIBE, S.: Protective effects of Acanthopanax senticosus Harms from Hokkaido and its components on gastric ulcer in restrained cold water stressed rats. Biol. Pharm. Bull. , 19, 1996, 1227-1230. HIBASAMI, H., FUJIKAWA, T., TAKEDA, H., NISHIBE, S., SATOH, T., FUJISAWA, T., NAKASHIMA, K.: Induction of apoptosis by Acanthopanax senticosus HARMS and its component, seamin in human stomach cancer KATO III cells. Oncol. Rep. , 7, 2000, 1213-1216. JUNG

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Interaction Of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles With Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Modifies Secondary And Tertiary Protein Structure

. Chem. Eng., 28, 2011, 149-155. LIONG, M., LU, J., KOVOCHICH, M., XIA, T., RUEHM, S.G., NEL, A.E., TAMANOI, F., ZINK, J.I.: Multifunctional inorganic nanoparticles for imaging, targeting, and drug delivery. ACS Nano, 2, 2008, 889-896. LIU, X., QIN, D., CUI, Y., CHEN, L., LI, H., CHEN, Z., GAO, L., LI, Y., LIU, J.: The effect of calcium phosphate nanoparticles on hormone production and apoptosis in human granulosa cells. Reprod. Biol. Endocrinol., 8, 2010, 32. LUNDQVIST, M., SETHSON, I., JONSSON, B.H.: Protein adsorption onto silica nanoparticles

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The Effects of Combinatorial Chemistry and Technologies on Drug Discovery and Biotechnology – a Mini Review

, J.E., SAKAMOTO, K.M.: Tubacin suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Leuk. Lymphoma, 52, 2011, 1544−1555. ASHOK, B.T., DAVID, L., CHEN, Y.G., GARIKAPATY, V.P., CHANDER, B., KANDUC, D., MITTELMAN, A., TIWARI, R.K.: Peptide mimotopes of oncoproteins as therapeutic agents in breast cancer. Int. J. Mol. Med., 11, 2003, 465-71. BANFI, L., RIVA, R.: The Passerini reaction. Org. React., 65, 2005, 1-140. BEAVERS, M.P., CHEN, X.: Structure-based combinatorial library design

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