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Ruthenium(II) Complexes as Potential Apoptosis Inducers in Cancer Therapy

. Bregman H, Carroll PJ, Meggers E. Rapid access to unexplored chemical space by ligand scanning around a ruthenium center: discovery of potent and selective protein kinase inhibitors. J Am Chem Soc. 2006;128(3):877-84. 20. Debreczeni JÉ, Bullock AN, Atilla GE, Williams DS, Bregman H, Knapp S, Meggers E. Ruthenium Half-Sandwich Complexes Bound to Protein Kinase Pim-1. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2006;45(10):1580-5. 21. Evan GI, Vousden KH. Proliferation, cell cycle and apoptosis in cancer. Nature. 2001;411(6835):342-8. 22. Pietenpol JA, Stewart ZA. Cell

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Pharmacological regulation of neutrophil activity and apoptosis

  9 : R29 (doi:10.1186/ar2144). Filep JG, El Kebir D. (2009). Neutrophil apoptosis: a target for enhancing the resolution of inflammation. J Cell Biochem   108 : 1039-1046. Fontayne A, Dang PMC, Gougerot-Pocidalo MA, El Benna J. (2002). Phosphorylation of p47 phox sites by PKC α, βII, δ and ζ: Effect on binding to p22 phox and on NADPH oxidase activation. Biochemistry   41 : 7743-7750. Funk JL, Frye JB, Oyarzo JN, Kuscuoglu N, Wilson J, McCaffrey G, Stafford G, Chen G, Lantz RC, Jolad

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Involvement of caspase-3 in stilbene derivatives induced apoptosis of human neutrophils in vitro

References Alosi JA, McDonald DE, Schneider JS, Privette AR and McFadden DW. (2010). Pterostilbene inhibits breast cancer in vitro through mitochondrial depolarization and induction of caspase-dependent apoptosis. J Surg Res 161 : 195-201. Avdi NJ, Nick JA, Whitlock BB, Billstrom MA, Henson PM, Johnson GL and Worthen GS. (2001). Tumor necrosis factor-alpha activation of the c-Jun Nterminal kinase pathway in human neutrophils. Integrin involvement in a pathway leading from cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases apoptosis. J

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The role of neuronal apoptosis inhibitory protein (NAIP) in acute myeloid leukemia patients

Introduction Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is an infrequent (1.3%), highly malignant neoplasm responsible for a large number of cancer-related deaths [ 1 , 2 ]. In the USA and other highly developed countries, the incidence has been near stable over the last years and is about 4 cases per 100,000 citizens per year [ 1 , 2 , 3 ]. The median age at diagnosis is 67 years [ 1 , 2 , 3 ]. AML is a heterogeneous and complex disease in which genomic and proteomic alterations and the interactions between them result in various apoptosis abnormalities [ 1 , 2 , 3

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Apoptosis of rats’ cardiomyocytes after chronic energy drinks consumption

. Coll Antropol. 2013 May;37 Suppl 2:227-9. 10. Wiesmann UN, DiDonato S, Herschkowitz NN. Effect of chloroquine on cultured fibroblasts: release of lysosomal hydrolases and inhibition of their uptake. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1975 Oct 27;66(4):1338-43. 11. Avcı S, Sarıkaya R, Büyükcam F. Death of a young man after overuse of energy drink. Am J Emerg Med. 2013 Nov;31(11):1624.e3-1624.e4. 12. Nachmias B, Ashhab Y, Benyehuda D. The inhibitor of apoptosis protein family (IAPs): an emerging therapeutic target in cancer. Semin Cancer Biol. 2004 Aug;14

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Decreased activity and accelerated apoptosis of neutrophils in the presence of natural polyphenols

, Piechowiak A, Rimando AM, Baer-Dubowska W. (2008). Pterostilbene is equally potent as resveratrol in inhibiting 12-O-tetradecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate activated NFκB, AP-1, COX-2, and iNOS in mouse epidermis. Mol Nutr Food Res 52: 62-70. Derouet M, Thomas L, Moulding DA, Akgul C, Cross A, Moots RJ, Edwards SW. (2006). Sodium salicylate promotes neutrophil apoptosis by stimulating caspase-dependent turnover of Mcl-1. J Immunol 176: 957-965. Drabikova K, Jančinova V, Nosaľ R, Solik P, Murin J, Holomaňova D. (2006). On the antioxidant

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The gene expression of class III inhibitors of apoptosis in arteriosclerotic disease

References 1. Urbanek T, Skop B, Wilczok T, et al. Apoptoza w schorzeniach układu naczyniowego - implikacje kliniczne, przegląd piśmiennictwa. Chir Pol. 2003;5:47-58. 2. Zapolska-Downar D, Sygitowicz G, Jarosz M. Znaczenie apoptozy w patogenezie miażdżycy. Kard Pol. 2008;66:347-57. 3. Stoneman V, Bennett M. Role of apoptosis in atherosclerosis and its therapeutic implications. Clin Sci. 2004;107:343-54. 4. Zagrodzki P. Łaszczyk P. Selen a choroby układu sercowo-naczyniowego - wybrane zagadnienia

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Carvacrol and rosemary oil at higher concentrations induce apoptosis in human hepatoma HepG2 cells

References Arunasree KM. (2010). Anti-proliferative eff ects of carvacrol on a human metastatic breast cancer cell line, MDA-MB 231. Phytomedicine 17: 581-588. Burt S. (2004). Essential oils: their antibacterial propertied and potential application in foods. A review. Int J Food Microbiol 94: 223-253. Carson DA, Ribeiro JM. (1993). Apoptosis and disease. The Lancet 341: 1251-1254. Dixon RA. (2001). Natural products and plant disease resistance. Nature 411: 843-847. Foo JB, Yazan

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Lycopene supplementation prevents reactive oxygen species mediated apoptosis in Sertoli cells of adult albino rats exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls

and initiates apoptosis. Cell 81 : 505-512. Cohen LA. (2002). A review of animal model studies of tomato carotenoids, lycopene and cancer chemoprevention. Exp Biol Med 227 : 864-868. de Winther MP, Kanters E, Kraal G, Hofker MH. (2005). Nuclear factor kappaB signaling in atherogenesis. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 25 : 904-914. De Castro BR, Korrick SA, Spengler JD, Soto AM. (2006). Estrogenic activity of polychlorinated biphenyls present in human tissue and the environment. Environ Sci Technol 40 : 2819

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Differential sensitivity of myeloid and lymphoid cell populations to apoptosis in peritoneal cavity of mice with model larval Mesocestoides vogae infection

associated with alternatively activated macrophages discretely regulate helminth infection and pathogenesis in experimental mouse models. Immunobiology, 215(9-10): 704 – 708. DOI: 10.1016/j.imbio.2010.05.011 J ames , E.R., G reen , D.R. (2004): Manipulation of apoptosis in the host-parasite interaction. Trends Parasitol ., 20(6): 280 – 287. DOI: 10.1016/ J enkins P., D ixon , J.B., H aywood , S., R akha , N.K., C arter , S.D., (1991): Differential regulation of murine Mesocestoides corti infection by bacterial lipopolysaccharide and

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