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The impact of high hydrostatic pressure (40 MPa and 60 MPa) on the apoptosis rates and functional activity of cryopreserved porcine mesenchymal stem cells

Z., Pieńkowski M., Karasiewicz J., Modliński J.A. (2000). Development of bovine embryos on Vero/BRLcell monolayers (mixed co-culture). Theriogenology, 4: 1239-1247. Duszewska A.M., Wojdan J., Gawron W., Wenta- Muchalska E., Waś B., Wi- śniewska A., Reklewski Z. (2007). The development potential of bovine embryo co-culture with Vero and Vero/BRLcells. J. Anim. Feed Sci., 16: 370-379. Emore S. (2007). Apoptosis:areview of programmed cel death. Toxicol. Pathol., 35: 495-516. Fu X., He Y., Xie C., Liu W. (2008). Bone

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Apoptosis in chicken ovarian follicles following in vitro exposure to TCDD, PCB 126 and PCB 153

., Decuypere E. (2005). Effects of early prenatal exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on postnatal reproduction in the laying hen (Gallus gallus). Comp. Biochem. Physiol. C Toxicol. Pharmacol., 141: 349-355. Cejna M., Fritsch G., Printz D., Schulte- Hermann R., Bursch W. (1994). Kinetics of apoptosis and secondary necrosis in cultured rat thymocytes and S.49 mouse lymphoma and CEM human leukemia cells. Biochem. Cell Biol., 72: 677-685. Cregan S.P., Dawson V.L., Slack R.S. (2004). Role of AIFin caspase-dependent and

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Identifying Biomarkers of Autophagy and Apoptosis in Transfected Nuclear Donor Cells and Transgenic Cloned Pig Embryos

References Agrawal H., Selokar N.L., Saini M., Singh M.K., Chauhan M.S., Palta P., Sin-gla S.K., Manik R.S. (2018). m -carboxycinnamic acid bishydroxamide improves developmental competence, reduces apoptosis and alters epigenetic status and gene expression pattern in cloned buffalo ( Bubalus bubalis ) embryos. Reprod. Domest. Anim., 53: 986–996. Boya P., González-Polo R.A., Casares N., Perfettini J.L., Dessen P., Larochet-te N., Métivier D., Meley D., Souquere S., Yoshimori T., Pierron G., Codo-gno P., Kroemer G. (2005). Inhibition of macroautophagy

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Creation of cloned pig embryos using contact-inhibited or serum-starved fibroblast cells analysed intravitam for apoptosis occurrence / Uzyskiwanie klonalnych zarodków świni z wykorzystaniem komórek fibroblastycznych poddanych inhibicji kontaktowej lub deprywacji troficznej oraz analizowanych przyżyciowo w kierunku apoptozy

., Duchi R., Calabrese F., Seveso M., Cozzi E., Lazzari G., Lucchini F., Galli C. (2008). Transgene expression of green fluorescent protein and germ line transmission in cloned pigs derived from in vitro transfected adult fibroblasts. Cloning Stem Cells, 10: 409-419. Engeland M.,vanden Eijnde S.M., Aken T., Vermeij- Keers C., Ramaekers F.C., Schutte B., Reutelingsperger C.P. (2001). Detection of apoptosis in ovarian cells in vitro and in vivo using the annexin V-affinity assay. Methods Mol. Med., 39: 669-677. Estaquier J., Idziorek T., Zou

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In Vitro Development of Porcine Nuclear-Transferred Embryos Derived from Fibroblast Cells Analysed Cytometrically for Apoptosis Incidence and Accuracy of Cell Cycle Synchronization at the G0/G1 Stages / Rozwój In Vitro Klonalnych Zarodków Świni Zrekonstruowanych Z Jąder Komórkowych Fibroblastów Cytometrycznie Analizowanych Pod Kątem Częstotliwości Występowania Śmierci Apoptotycznej I Efektywności Synchronizacji Cyklu Mitotycznego W Fazach G0/G1

cycle analysis of cultured porcine fetal fibroblast cells. Biol. Reprod., 60: 1013-1019. Cheng D., Li Z., Liu Y., Gao Y., Wang H. (2012). Kinetic analysis of porcine fibroblast reprogramming toward pluripotency by defined factors. Cell. Reprogram., 14: 312-323. Darzynkiewicz Z., Bruno S., Del Bino G. (1992). Features of apoptotic cells measured by flow cytometry. Cytometry, 13: 795-808. Darzynkiewicz Z., Li X., Gong J. (1994). Assays of cell viability: discrimination of cells dying by apoptosis. Methods Cell Biol., 41

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Relationship Between Apoptotic-Like Changes in Stored Boar Semen and DNA Fragmentation in Preimplantation Embryos

References Anzar M., Liwei H., Buhr M. M., Kroetsch T. G., Pauls K. P. (2002). Sperm apoptosis in fresh and cryopreserved bull semen detected by flow cytometry and its relationship with fertility. Biol. Reprod., 66: 354-360. Brison D. R., Schultz R. M. (1997). Apoptosis during mouse blastocyst formation: evidence for a role for survival factors including transforming growth factor. Biol. Reprod., 56: 1088-1096. Bryła M., Trzcińska M., Wieczorek J. (2009). Analysis of in vivo - and

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Ovarian Activity and the Size of Oocytes in Ovarian Follicles in Sexually Mature Gilts in Individual Seasons

between donor animal age, follicular fluid steroid content and oocyte developmental competence in the pig. Reprod. Fertil. Dev. , 15, 1—2, 81—87. 6. Gupta, M. K., Uhm, S. J., Lee, H. T., 2007: Sexual maturity and reproductive phase of oocyte donor influence the developmental ability and apoptosis of cloned and parthenogenetic porcine embryos. Animal Reproduction Science , 108, 1—2, 107—121. DOI: 10.1016/j.anireprosci.2007.07.016. 7. Liu, R. H., Li, Y. H., Jiao, L. H., Wang, X. N., Wang, H., Wang, W. H., 2002: Extracellular and intracellular factors

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Selection of the most stable endogenous control genes for microRNA quantitation in chicken ovarian follicles

. (2018). Whole-transcriptome analysis of atrophic ovaries in broody chickens reveals regulatory pathways associated with proliferation and apoptosis. Sci. Rep., 8(1): 7231. Mansfield J.H., Harfe B.D., Nissen R., Obenauer J., Srineel J., Chaudhuri A., Farzan-Kashani R., Zuker M.,. Pasquinelli A.E, Ruvkun G., Sharp P.A., Tabin C.J., McManus M.T. (2004). MicroRNA responsive ‘sensor’ transgenes uncover Hox-like and other developmentally regulated patterns of vertebrate microRNA expression. Nat. Genet., 36: 1079–1083. Meyer S.U., Pfaffl M.W., Ulbrich S.E. (2010

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Use of Novel Methods to Assess Seasonal Differences in the Quality of Boar Semen Stored Up to 7 Days at 17°C

peroxidation and apoptosis like changes in spermatozoa. Anim. Reprod. Sci., 110: 162–171. Peňa Jr. S.T., Stone F., Gummow B., Parker A.J., Paris D.B.B. (2018). Tropical summer induces DNA fragmentation in boar spermatozoa: implications for evaluating seasonal infertility. Reprod. Fertil. Dev., 31: 590–601. Pérez-Llano B., Enciso M., García-Casado P., Sala R., Gosálvez J. (2006). Sperm DNA fragmentation in boars is delayed or abolished by using sperm extenders. Theriogenology, 66: 2137–2143. Reed H.C.B. (1986). Influence of season on semen parameters and

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Appraisal of the Antioxidative Potential of Aloe Barbadensis M. on Alcohol-Induced Oxidative Stress

.5.2824268. 24. Hu, S., Yin, S., Jiang, X., Huang, D., Shen, G., 2009: Melatonin protects against alcoholic liver injury by attenuating oxidative stress, inflammatory response, and apoptosis. European Journal of Pharmacology , 616, 1—3, 287—292. DOI: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2009.06.044. 25. Johnsen-Soriano, S., Genovés, J. M., Romero, B., García-Delpech, S., Muriach, M., Sancho-Tello, M., et al., 2007: Chronic ethanol feeding induces oxidative stress in the rat retina: treatment with the antioxidant ebselen. Archivos de la Sociedad Espanola de Oftalmologia , 82, 12, 757

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