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Dielectrophoretic Characterisation of Mammalian Cells above 100 MHz

-over, fxo1, was not observed, and is not expected unless the cell state is deliberately altered by adding chemical agents to the solution known to induce cell activation or apoptosis for example [ 2 , 9 ]. The reduction in f xo 2 over time was found to be a function of temperature, as shown in figure 9 . Cell suspensions were held in a temperature controlled water bath (situated in a refrigerated room for the 10°C run) between measurements. The rate of frequency reduction based on the first two hours clearly increases with temperature, more than doubling in rate (~2

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Modeling and Simulation of Equivalent Circuits in Description of Biological Systems - A Fractional Calculus Approach

.11.009 40 Gómez JF, Rosales JJ, Bernal JJ, and Cordova T. Application of the Numerical Laplace Transform on the Simulation of Fractional Differential Equations. Prespacetime Journal. 2012;3(6):505-523. Gómez JF Rosales JJ Bernal JJ Cordova T Application of the Numerical Laplace Transform on the Simulation of Fractional Differential Equations Prespacetime Journal 2012 3 6 505 523 41 Qing-Li Y, Chen P, Haimovitz-Friedman A, Reilly RM, and Shun Wong C. Endothelial Apoptosis Initiates Acute Blood–Brain Barrier Disruption after Ionizing Radiation

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Transient bioimpedance monitoring of mechanotransduction in artificial tissue during indentation

, differentiation and apoptosis [ 24 ]. This is because the ECM is connected to the intracellular cytoskeleton via transmembrane receptors, such as integrin, which can transmit forces [ 25 , 26 ]. This means that cells can actively react to varying external loads by changing the manner to which it attaches to the extracellular matrix, its cytoskeleton and transduce mechanical stress into electrochemical signals [ 11 , 12 ]. It is important to note that mechano-transduction does not just happen at adhesion sites, but can also occur due to stresses, such as shear stresses, at the

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