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Impact of Parameters of Irradiation of Potato Bulbs with UVC on Selected Coefficients of Assessment of Colour of Fries Determined with CIE L*A*B* Method

References Aiking, A., Verheijen, F. (2009). Methods for treating live plants or live plant parts or mushrooms with UV-C light. Clean Light Wageningen, US 2009/0272029 A1, 5 November 2009, Numer zgłoszenia: 12/083,994 Albishi, T., John, J. A., Al-Khalifa, A. S., Shahidi, F. (2013). Phenolic content and antioxidant activities of selected potato varieties and their processing by-products. Journal of Functional Foods, 5, 590-600. Cendrowski, A., Mitek, M., Siestrzewitowska, I. (2012). Wpływ procesu technologicznego na zawartość antocyjanów i

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Industrial Application Of Psyllium: An Overview

.; Masana, L. Effects of soluble fiber (Plantago ovata husk) on plasma lipids, lipoproteins and apolipoproteins in men with ischemic heart disease. Am. J. Clin. Nutr 2007. 85, 1157-1163. 14 Rezaeipoor, R.; Saeidnia, S.; Kamalinejad, M. The effect of Plantago ovata on humoral immune responses in experimental animals. J. Ethnopharm 2000, (1-2) (72), 283-286. 15 Kordošová, A.; Machová, E. Antioxidant activity of medicinal plants polysaccharides. Fitoterapia 2006. 77, 367-373. 16 Montonen, J.; Knekt, P.; Jarvinen, R.; Aromaa, A.; Reunane, A. Whole-grain and

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Quality Index of Multi-Disc Grinding Process of Grainy Biomass

.04.029 Flizikowski, J., Kruszelnicka, W., Tomporowski, A., Mrozinski, A., 2019. A study of operating parameters of a roller mill with a new design , AIP Conference Proceedings, 2077 (1), 020018, DOI: 10.1063/1.5091879 Guo, Y., Loenders, J., Duflou, J., Lauwers, B., 2012. Optimization of Energy Consumption and Surface Quality in Finish Turning , Procedia CIRP, 1, 512–517, DOI: 10.1016/j.procir.2012.04.091 Hu, J., Chen, Y., Ni, D., 2012. Effect of superfine grinding on quality and antioxidant property of fine green tea powders , LWT - Food Science and Technology, 45

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Assessment of Particular Qualities of Carrot Availalbe in Selected Retailers in Krakow

References Ardestani, A., Yazdanparast, R. (2007). Antioxidant and free radical scavenging potential of Achillea santolina extracts. Food Chemistry, 104 , 21-29. Benzie, I., Strain, J. (1996). The ferric reducing ability of plasma (FRAP) as a measure of “antioxidant power”: the FRAP assay. Analytical Biochemistry, 239 (1), 70-76. Boskovic-Rakocevic, L., Pavlovic, R., Zdravkovic, J., Zdravkocic, M., Pavlovic, N., Djuric, M. (2012). Effect of nitrogen fertilization on carrot quality. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 7 (18), 2884

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Geometrical Features of Seeds of New Pumpkin Forms

References Aziah, A.A.N., Komathi, C.A. (2009). Physicochemical and functional properties of peeled and unpeeled pumpkin flour. Journal of Food Science , 74 (7), 328-333. Gorjanović, S. Ž., Rabrenović, B. B., Novaković, M. M., Dimić, E. B., Basić, Z. N., Sužnjević, D. Ž. (2011). Cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil antioxidant activity as determined by a DC polarographic assay based on hydrogen peroxide scavenge. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society , 88 (12), 1875-1882. Grochowicz, J. (1994). Maszyny do czyszczenia i sortowania nasion

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Mathematical Modeling of Actinidia arguta (Kiwiberry) Drying Kinetics

Spożywczych , Komitet Agrofizyki PAN, Wydawnictwo Naukowe FRNA, Lublin, 15-33. Lewicki, P.P. (2006). Design of hot air drying for better foods. Trends Food Science Technology, 17 (4), 153-163. Latocha, P. (2012). Some morphological and biological features of ‘Bingo’ – a new hardy kiwifruit cultivar from Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS) in Poland. Rocznik Polskiego Towarzystwa Dendrologicznego, 60 , 61-67. Latocha, P., Krupa, T., Wołosiak, R., Worobiej, E., Wilczak, J. (2010). Antioxidant activity and chemical difference in fruit of different

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Granulated Coffe Grounds Effect on Selected Physico-chemical and Functional Properties of Soil

., Kim, J., Bollag, J. (2000). Transformation of chlorinated phenols and anilines in the presence of humic acid. Journal of Environmental Quality, 29 , 214-220. Polskie Towarzystwo Gleboznawcze. (2008). Klasyfikacja uziarnienia gleb . PTG 2008. Singleton, L., Orthofer, R., Lamuela-Raventions, R. M. (1999). Analysis of Total phenols and Rother oxidation substrates and antioxidants by means of Folin-Ciocaltue reagent. Methods Enzymology , 299 , 152-178. Skiba, S. (2002). Gleba w środowisku przyrodniczym. W: Aktywność drobnoustrojów w różnych

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Effects of Glycerol and Diameter of Holes in Breaker Plate on Performance of Screw Mixer for Nanocomposites

-68. Milán-Carrillo, J., Montoya-Rodríguez, A., Gutiérrez-Dorado, R., Perales-Sánchez, X., Reyes-Moreno, C. (2012). Optimization of Extrusion Process for Producing High Antioxidant Instant Amaranth ( Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.) Flour Using Response Surface Methodology. Applied Mathematics , 3 , 1516-1525. Pinto, G., Tadmor, Z. (1970). Mixing and Residence Time Distribution in Melt Screw Extruders. Polymer Engineering Science , 10 , 279-288. Rauwendaal, C. (1986). Polymer Extrusion. Hanser Publishers, Munich. ISBN 3-446-14196-0. Sau, M., Jana, S. C

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Profile of Fatty Acids and Spectroscopic Characteristics of Selected Vegetable Oils Extracted by Cold Maceration

thistle seed oils. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 83 , 847-854. Parry, J. Yu, L. (2004). Fatty acid content and antioxidant properties of cold-pressed black raspberry seed oil and meal. Journal of Food Science, 69 , 22. Radović, Jagoš, R., Aeppli, Ch., Nelson, R.K., Jimenez, N., Reddy, Ch.M., Bayona,, J.M., Albaigés, J. (2014). Assessment of photochemical processes in marine oil spill fingerprinting. Marine Pollution Bulletin 79.1 , 268-277. Ramadan, M.F. Mörse, l J.-T. (2003). Oil goldenberry (Physalis peruviana L.). Journal of

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Modelling of Beetroot Seedlings with Modified Generalized Logistic Functions

essential oils of some Lamiaceae species and the antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the entire oils. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry , 54 , 1822-1828. Brachaczek, A., Kaczmarek, J., Kosiada, T., Jędryczka, M. (2012). Występowanie suchej zgnilizny kapustnych na wybranych odmianach rzepaku ozimego i ich plon w warunkach doświadczeń łanowych w Wielkopolsce Rośliny Oleiste , XXXIII , 56-72. Bradford, K.J. (1990). A water relation analysis of seed germination rates. Plant Physiologicol , 94 , 840-849. Brown, R.F., Mayer, D.G. (1988

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