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Stress Equations for Adhesive in Twodimensional Adhesively Bonded Joints/ Równania Naprężn W Plaskich Dwuwymiarowych Spoinach Klejowych

References 1. Adams R.D., Peppiatt N.A.: Effect of Poisson’s ratio strains in adherends on stresses of an idealized lap joint. Journal of Strain Analysis Vol. 8. No 2 (1974), pp. 134 - 139. 2. Adams R.D., Wake W.C.: Structural Adhesive Joints in Engineering. Elsevier Appl. Sci. Publ. Ltd. 1986 3. Ficarra Ch.H.: Analysis of adhesive bonded fiber-reinforced composite joints. Dissertation, North Carolina State University 2001. Adhesion & Adhesives 29 (2009) 331-341. 4. Fung Y.C.: Foundations of

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Problem of Delamination in RC Beams Strengthened by FRP with Rheological Model of Adhesive Leyer

REFERENCES 1. ABAQUS Analysis User’s Manual, 2010. 2. Choi, K.-K., Taha, M.M.R.: Rheological modeling and finite element simulation of epoxy adhesive creep in FRP-strengthened RC beams , Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 27 (2013), 1-13. 3. Hashin, Z.: Failure criteria for unidirectional composites , Journal for Applied Mechanics, 47(1980), 329–334. 4. Jankowiak, I.: Analysis of RC beams strengthenedby CFRP strips-Experimental and FEA study , Archives of Civil and Mech. Engng, 12 (2012), 376-388. 5. Kotynia, R.: Bond

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The Load-Bearing Capacity of Timber-Glass Composite I-Beams Made with Polyurethane Adhesives

, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland 2000. 4. Hamm J.: Development of timber-glass prefabricated structural elements, Innovative Wooden Structures and Bridges IABSE Conference 1, Lahti 2001, pp. 41-46. 5. Cruz P. and Pequeno J.: Timber-Glass Composite Beams: Mechanical Behaviour and Architectural Solutions, Proceedings of the Challenging Glass Conference, Delft 2008, pp. 439-449. 6. Blyberg L. et. al.: Glass, timber and adhesive joints - Innovative load bearing building components, Constr. Build. Mater

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Numerical Non-Equilibrium and Smoothing of Solutions in The Difference Method for Plane 2-Dimensional Adhesive Joints / Nierównowaga Numeryczna i Wygładzanie Rozwiazań w Metodzie Różnicowej Dla Dwuwymiarowych Połączeń Klejowych

. Wydawnictwo Politechniki Poznańskiej, Poznań 2010. 19. Rapp P.: Mechanics of adhesive joints as a plane problem of the theory of elasticity. Part I: General formulation, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 10, 2 (2010) 81-108. 20. Rapp P.: Mechanics of adhesive joints as a plane problem of the theory of elasticity. Part II: Displacement formulation for orthotropic adherends. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 15, 2 (2015) 603-613. 21. Rapp P.: Stress equations for adhesive in two-dimensional adhesively

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Viscoelastic Material as Energy Dissipater Viscoelastic Damper for Building Structures to Mitigate the Seismic Vibration

by using additional braces and/or viscoelastic dampers. Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 40 , 155-174. 4. Kawak, BJ, Cabon, BH and Aglietti, GS 2017. Innovative viscoelastic material selection strategy based on dma and mini-shaker tests for spacecraft applications. Acta Astronautica 131 , 18-27. 5. Martinez-Agirre, M, Illescas, S and Elejabarrieta, MJ 2014. Characterisation and modelling of prestrained viscoelastic films. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 50 , 183-190. 6. De Lima, AMG, Rade, DA, Lacerda, HB and

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Vibration Problems of an Example of Temporary Steel Grandstand under Human-Induced Excitation / Problemy Drgań Przykładowej Tymczasowej Trybuny Stalowej Poddanej Oddziaływaniom Dynamicznym Wywołanym Przez Ludzi

., Kwiecień A., Jankowski R.: Enhancing the seismic resistance of columns by GFRP confinement using flexible adhesive - experimental study, Key Engineering Materials, 624, (2015) 478-485. 8. Majewska-Lasowicz N., Jankowski R.: Modal analysis of a steel grandstand, Technology and Art, 3, (2012) 94-97. 9. Nhleko S. P., Williams M.S., Blakeborough A.: Vibration perception and comfort level for an audience occupying a grandstand with perceivable motion, Proc. of IMAC-XXVII, (2009). 10. Reynolds P., Pavic A., Ibrahim Z.: Changes of

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