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Application of Adhesive Bonding in Steel and Aluminium Structures

References 1. D.A. Dillard, Advances in Structural Adhesive Bonding, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Oxford, Cambridge, New Delhi, 2010. 2. J. Meinz, Adhering in Steel Structures. Considerations on Carrying-Capacity and Deformations and on Dimensioning of Adhesively Bonded Trapezoidal Sheets as Well as Strengthened Hollow Profiles in Beam-Column-Fac¸ades [in German], Weiβensee Verlag, 2010, Dissertation, BTU Cottbus. 3. G. Kubieniec, Resistance of Reinforced Steel Girders with Adhesive Bonding [in Polish], PhD

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Numerical and Experimental Research on Delamination of Glulam Elements

REFERENCES 1. V. A. Franklin, T. Christopher, “Fracture Energy Estimation of DCB Specimens Made of Glass/Epoxy: An Experimental Study”, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, 2013. 2. K. Kumar, S. Rao, N. Gopikrishna, “Evaluation of strain energy release rate of epoxy glass fibre laminate (mode - I)”, International Education And Research Journal 3(1), 2017. 3. B. R. K. Blackman, A.J. Kinloch, M. Paraschi, “The determination of the mode II adhesive fracture resistance, G IIC , of structural adhesive joints: an effective crack length

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Usefulness of Mining Methods in Knowledge Source Analysis in the Construction Industry


The mining methods are classified as the methods of data analysis and the knowledge acquisition and they are derived from the methods of “Knowledge Discovery”. Within the scope of these methods, there are two main variants associated with a form of data, i.e.: “data” and “text mining”. The author of the paper tries to find an answer to a question about helpfulness and usefulness of these methods for the purpose of knowledge acquisition in the construction industry. The very process of knowledge acquisition is essential in terms of the systems and tools operating based on knowledge. Nowadays, they are the basis for the tools which support the decision-making processes. The paper presents three cases studies. The mining methods have been applied to practical problems - the selection of an adhesive mortar coupled with alternative solutions, analysis of residential real estate locations under construction by a developer company as well as support of technical management of a building facility with a large floor area.

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Experimental Study of Low Cycle Fatigue Properties for Epoxy Resins with Dibutyl Phthalate (Dbp)

, Amijima S, "Fatigue properties of single lap joints using rubber plasticized epoxy adhesive - Effect of adhesive thickness on fatigue life", Journal of the Japan Society for Composite Materials 18:151-157, 1992. 11. Alisa Boonyapookana, Anchalee Saengsai, Supachai Surapunt, "Time dependent fatigue crack growth behavior of silica particle reinforced epoxy resin composite", International Journal of Fatigue 87: 288-293, 2016. 12. Shokrieh M M, Esmkhani M, Haghighatkhah A R, "Flexural fatigue behavior of synthesized graphene

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Assessment of Polyethylen-Modified Bitumen Adhesion Using Computer Image Analysis

aggregate type and adhesion promoters; International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 54, 2014; 100 – 111. 7. S. Hassan FIROOZIFAR, Yashar A. ALAMDY, Orang FARZANEH; Investigation of novel methods to improve the storage stability and low temperature susceptivity of polyethylene modified bitumens; Petroleum & Coal 52 (2) ISSN 1337-7027, 2010; 123 – 128. 8. Irena GAWEŁ, J. PIŁAT, K. J. KOWALSKI, J. B. KRÓL; Rubber modified bitumen; in Polymer modified bitumen, Woodhead Publishing, 2011; 72-97. DOI: 10.1533/9780857093721.1.72. 9. Arno Wilhelm HEFER

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Effectivenes of Strengthening Loaded RC Beams with FRCM System

failure in FRP-strengthened RC beams: prediction and suppression”, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2016. 7. M.E. Kamińska and R. Kotynia, „Experimental tests of RC beams reinforced with CFRP tapes” (in Polish), Zeszyt 9. Katedra Budownictwa Betonowego Wydziału Budownictwa, Architektury i Inżynierii Środowiska Politechniki Łódzkiej, Łódź, 2000. 8. J. Kubicki, „Experimental research of cracked RC beams with adhesively bonded CFRP tapes” (in Polish), Building Research Institute – Quarterly 4(124), pp. 43-59, 2002. 9. A. Remennikov, M. Goldston and M

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Application Of Guided Wave Propagation In Diagnostics Of Steel Bridge Components

Research 104, 81–90, 2015 5. M. Piekarczyk, R. Grec, Application of adhesive bonding in steel and aluminium structures, Archives of Civil Engineering, 58, 309–329, 2012 6. M. Rucka, Wave Propagation in Structures. Modelling, Experimental Studies and Application to Damage Detection, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Gdańskiej, Gdańsk 2011 7. M. Rucka, Modelling of in-plane wave propagation in a plate using spectral element method and Kane-Mindlin theory with application to damage detection. Archive of Applied Mechanics 81, 1877–1888, 2011 8. M. Rucka, W

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Three-Point Bending of Seven Layer Beams – Theoretical and Experimental Studies

. Wailewicz, E. Magnucka-Blandzi, “Experimental and numerical investigations of five-layered trapezoidal beams”, Composite Structures 145: 129-141, 2016. 10. D.Y. Seong, C.G. Jung, D.Y. Yang, K.J. Moon, D.G. Ahn, “Quasi-isotropic bending responses of metallic sandwich plates with bi-directionally corrugated cores”, Materials and Design 31(6): 2804-2812, 2010. 11. J.R. Vinson, “Sandwich structures”, Applied Mechanics Reviews, 54(3): 201-214, 2001. 12. M. Piekarczyk, R. Grec: “Application of adhesive bonding in steel and

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Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Compression Thin-Walled Composite Plates Weakened by Cut-Outs

. 93, p.112-121, 2015. 21. Rozylo P., Wrzesinska K., „Numerical analysis of the behavior of compressed thin-walled elements with holes”, Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal 10(31): 199-206, 2016. 22. Rudawska, A.,Debski, H.,”EXPERIMENTAL AND NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF ADHESIVELY BONDED ALUMINIUM ALLOY SHEETS JOINTS EKSPLOATACJA I NIEZAWODNOSC-MAINTENANCE AND RELIABILITY 1: 4-10, 2011. 23. Shah A.A, Ribakov Y., “Recent trends in steel fibered hihg-strenght concrete”, Mater Des 32:4122-51, 2011. 24. Sobczyk B., Miskiewicz M.” FRP

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Verification of Orthotropic Model of Wood

”, Engineering Structures 31: 571–579, 2009. 38. E. Serrano, “Glued-in rods timber structures – a 3D model and finite element parameter studies”, International Journal of Adhesion & Adhesives 21: 115–127, 2001. 39. J. Smardzewski, “Effect of cyclic wood heterogeneity on the distribution of shear stress in glue bonded joints”, Folia Forestalia Polonica 31: 119–130, 2000. 40. A. Tabiei, J. Wu, “Three-dimensional nonlinear orthotropic finite element material model for wood”, Composite Structures 50: 143–149, 2000. 41. T.C.T. Ting, “Positive definiteness of

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