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The Problems of Ensure of Safe Labor Conditions on Workplaces for Adhesive Bonding


In the performance a variety of technological operations a human may come into contact with a variety of factors causing deterioration of safety at work. As an example of which is described in article, adhesive bonding operations are requiring use of specific chemicals, which are adhesives. They are produced on the basis of a variety of compounds, often hazardous to human health. Furthermore, adhesive bonding requires a series of preparatory operations such as degreasing or surface preparation with a specific structure and roughness and auxiliary operations such as measurement of the wettability of surface. In this paper are described examples of risks occurring during adhesive bonding, it is a simple way to estimate the risks associated with the performance of operations. The examples of the determination by the producers of chemicals are described which are used in adhesive bonding and fragment of international chemical safety card (ICSC), as a source of information important to the workplace organization and ensuring safety during adhesive bonding.

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Experimental Determination of the Belt Transmission Slip

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