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Precipitation of heavy metals from acid mine drainage and their geochemical modeling

oxidation products in mine tailing impoundments: A numerical model. Water Resources Research, Volume 32, 3173-3187. [9] Alpers C.N., Nordstrom D.K. (1999). Geochemical modeling of water-rock interactions in mining environments. Plumlee G.S., Logsdon M.J. (Eds), The environmental geochemistry of mineral deposits. Reviews in Economic Geology, Soc. Ec. Geologists, Volume 6A, 289-323, Chelsea, USA. [10] MEND. (2000). MEND Manual, Volume 3 - Prediction. Mine Neutral Drainage Programme [MEND 5.4.2c], Ottawa, Canada. [11] Slesarova A. (2004). The Role of

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