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The human bone oxygen isotope ratio changes with aging

Folkens PA, 2005. The human bone. Manual. Academic Press, Elsevier Inc. [91] Widory D, 2004. Oxygen and nitrogen isotopic fractionations during human respiration. Comptes Rendus Biologies 327: 729–734, DOI 10.1016/j.crvi.2004.07.001. [92] Williams JS, White CD and Longstaffe FJ, 2005. Trophic level and macronutrient shift effects associated with the weaning process in the postclassic Maya. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 128: 781–790, DOI 10.1002/ajpa.20229. [93] Włodarczak P

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River Floodplains as Habitat and Bio-Corridors for Distribution of Land Snails: Their Past and Present

–228. Kappes, H., Lay, R., Topp, W. (2007). Changes in different trophic levels of litter-dwelling macrofauna associated with giant knotweed invasion. Ecosystems 10: 734−744. Kennedy, T.A., Finlay, J.C., Hobbie, S.E. (2005). Eradication of invasive Tamarix ramosissima along a desert stream increases native fish density. Ecological Applications 15: 2072–2083. Kerney, M.P., Cameron, R.A.D., Jungbluth, J.H. (1983). Die Landschnecken Nord und Mitteleuropas. Hamburg and Berlin, Verlag Paul Parey, 384 pp. Klimo, E. (2000). Lesnická pedologie . MZLU Brno

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