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damageparameter and description of delayed fracture: Results, current status, application to fracture mechanics, and prospects Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics 56 2 282 292 10.1134/S0021894415020145 [16] Volkov I. A., Egunov V. V., Igumnov L. A., Kazakov D. A., Korotkikh Yu. G., Mitenkov F. M. (2015), Assessment of the service life of structural steels by using degradation models with allowance for fatigue and creep of the material, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics 56 (6) 995-1006. 10.1134/S0021894415060097 Volkov I. A. Egunov V. V. Igumnov

their shells, taking into account all three types of foundations (A, B and C) and with the assumption of elastic-plastic model of steel. The stress-strain relationship for structural steel consisted of a linear and perfectly plastic region: f y = 235 MPa, e y = 0.1119 %. These relationships for the foundation of type A and B are presented in Fig. 7 ; other cases will be analyzed in point 5 ( Fig. 8 , Fig. 9 ). These relationships are of great practical importance, because on the basis of quite easy measurements of u r deformations of the lower part of the shell