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Innovation needs deregulation: the case of taxi and private hire companies

References Dostmohammad, S., & Long, J. (2015). Regulating the Sharing Economy. Retrieved from Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration: Agerpres. (2016). COTAR: ANAF a cerut Uber o listă cu toți utilizatorii; un șofer din Capitală a încasat 60.000 lei în 2015. Bucharest, Romania. Retrieved from

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The Interpretation of Circular Priorities to Central European Business Environment with Focus on Hungary

theory of planned obsolenscence. In The Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 101, 1986, no. 4, pp. 729-749. Cramer , J. 2014. Moving towards a circular economy in the Netherlands: Challenges and directions. Utrecht University, 2014, pp. 1-9. Link: Cohen, B. - Kietzmann , J. 2014. Ride On! Mobility business model for the sharing economy. In Organization & Environment, vol. 27, 2014, no. 3.

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Digital transformation trends reshaping companies

References Bejjani, A. (2017, August). Reshaping ‘retail-tainment’ in the Middle East and beyond. (P. Breuer, & G. D’Auria, Interviewers) Mckinsey. Bollard, A., Larrea, E., Singla, A., & Sood, R. (2018, January). The next-generation for the digital world. Digital McKinsey, pp. 22-29. Brătianu, C. (2017). The Crazy New World of the Sharing Economy. In M. E. Vătămănescu, & F. M. Pînzaru, Knowledge Management in the Sharing Economy. Cross-Sectoral Insights into the Future of Competitive Advantage (pp. 3-18). Cham: Springer. Bughin, J., Chui

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Value management in Blockchain technology related projects

:// Pazaitis.A, Filippi.P.D, Kostakis.V, (2017). Blockchain and value systems in the sharing economy: The illustrative case of Backfeed. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 125 (2017) 105–115 Porat M. (1977). The Information Economy: Definition and Measurement. Office of Telecommunications (DOC), Washington, DC. Reference (n.d.). What Is Budget Management? Retrieved December 16, 2018, from SAVE International. (2001

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