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Innovation needs deregulation: the case of taxi and private hire companies

References Dostmohammad, S., & Long, J. (2015). Regulating the Sharing Economy. Retrieved from Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration: Agerpres. (2016). COTAR: ANAF a cerut Uber o listă cu toți utilizatorii; un șofer din Capitală a încasat 60.000 lei în 2015. Bucharest, Romania. Retrieved from

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Sharing is Caring, and Millennials Do Care: Collaborative Consumption through the Eyes of Internet Generation

, planet or profit? Analysing motivations for intended sharing economy participation, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 23: 28-39. Bucher, E., Fieseler, C. and Lutz, C. 2016. What’s mine is yours (for a nominal fee) - Exploring the spectrum of utilitarian to altruistic motives for Internet-mediated sharing. Computers in Human Behavior 62: 316-326. Cook, K. S. and Rice, E. 2006. Social Exchange Theory, In DeLamater, John. The Handbook of Social Psychology p. 53–76. ISBN 978-0-387-36921-1 Deal, J. J., Altman, D.G. and Rogelberg, S.G. 2010

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Ethics, Legal and Privacy Concerns for the Next Generation of Insurance Policies

other party. In this way, pitfalls like the ones related to the tragedy of the commons ( Bovens, 2015 ) or similar zero-sum game-theoretical conceptualisations ( Pettit, 1986 ) may be avoided, in a way that complies with Anderson’s imagined communities ( Anderson, 2006 ) that we mentioned before. A platform such as the one that we delineate earlier borrows elements of what are considered as essential paradigms in the context of the sharing economy. The latter is used rather as an umbrella term referring to the practices of sharing, exchange or renting of goods and

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in Tékhne
Digital transformation trends reshaping companies

References Bejjani, A. (2017, August). Reshaping ‘retail-tainment’ in the Middle East and beyond. (P. Breuer, & G. D’Auria, Interviewers) Mckinsey. Bollard, A., Larrea, E., Singla, A., & Sood, R. (2018, January). The next-generation for the digital world. Digital McKinsey, pp. 22-29. Brătianu, C. (2017). The Crazy New World of the Sharing Economy. In M. E. Vătămănescu, & F. M. Pînzaru, Knowledge Management in the Sharing Economy. Cross-Sectoral Insights into the Future of Competitive Advantage (pp. 3-18). Cham: Springer. Bughin, J., Chui

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Value management in Blockchain technology related projects

:// Pazaitis.A, Filippi.P.D, Kostakis.V, (2017). Blockchain and value systems in the sharing economy: The illustrative case of Backfeed. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 125 (2017) 105–115 Porat M. (1977). The Information Economy: Definition and Measurement. Office of Telecommunications (DOC), Washington, DC. Reference (n.d.). What Is Budget Management? Retrieved December 16, 2018, from SAVE International. (2001

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Innovator’s Dilemma: Review of the Main Responses to Disruptive Innovation

. A., & Tushman, M. L. (2008). Ambidexterity as a dynamic capability: Resolving the innovator’s dilemma. Research in Organizational Behavior, 28, 185–206. Posen, H. (2016). Ridesharing in the Sharing Economy: Should Regulators Impose Über Regulations on Uber?. Iowa Law Review, 101 (1), 405–433. Radovanović, N., Dmitrović, V., & Joksimović, Z. N. (2017). From Knowledge to Innovation and Back: Empirical Testing of Knowledge-Intensive Industries in Serbia. Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review, 5 (3), 119–131. Rohrbeck, R., Döhler, M

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Review of pallet pooling studies


Development of sharing economy has brought new opportunities to the development of green logistics. Pallet pooling is a typical type of sharing economy. It has been recently promoted in almost every country in the world. Researchers have reached a common agreement that establishing an effective pallet pool is of great importance to the pallets use efficiency. It is also believed that the implementation of pallet pool will substantially contribute to the economic and social development. Detailed analysis of pallet pooling such as benefit analysis, mode choose, pallet allocation model & algorithm, quality control, etc. are discussed in this paper. Based on literature review, several important problems are listed for future study. These problems are information management, supply chain management, rental pricing, pallets tracking and allocation, quality control, sustainable development (carbon emissions), and “internet plus pallet pooling”. Some suggestions on China’s pallet pooling development are proposed as well.

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Evaluating the Prevalence and Distribution of Unregistered Employment in Kosovo: Lessons from a 2017 Survey

European Union. Employee Relations 37: 48-65. Williams, C. C., and Horodnic, I. A. 2016. Cross-country variations in the participation of small businesses in the informal economy: An institutional asymmetry perspective. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 23: 3-24. Williams, C. C., and Horodnic, I. A. 2017. Regulating the sharing economy to prevent the growth of the informal sector in the hospitality industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 29: 2261-2278. Williams, C. C., and Horodnic, I. A. 2017a. Who

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Lessons from TARGET2 imbalances: The case for the ECB being a lender of last resort

in the TARGET2 system be interpreted in terms of the broadly understood sharing economy?. Research Papers of Wrocław University of Economics , 530 , 137-146. Hristov, N., Hülsewig, O., & Wollmersh ä user, T. (2018). Capital flows in the euro area and TARGET2 balances . (CESifo Working Paper No. 6877). IMF. (1969). The Keynes plan. In J. Keith Horsefield (Ed.), The International Monetary Fund 1945-1965. Twenty years of international monetary cooperation (vol. 3, pp. 3-36). Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. Lavoie, M. (2015). The

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Digital Economy and Society: Baltic States in the EU Context

e.pdf Parente, R. C., Geleilate, J. G., & Rong, K. (2017). T he Sharing Economy Globalization Phenomenon: A Research Agenda . Journal of International Management. [Accessed 16.03.2019]. Available from Internet: ) Skilton M. (2015). Building the Digital Enterprise: A Guide to Constructing Monetization Models Using Digital Technologies . Berlin: Springer. 230 p. [Accessed 16.03.2019]. Available from Internet:

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