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Sustainable Behavior – The Need of Change in Consumer and Business Attitudes and Behavior


Today’s economy is experiencing serious economic and social problems affecting all world citizens. The earth seems to have become insufficient in meeting the standards of living that societies expect. The classic marketing approach is seen as the cause of many problems. It has contributed to the emergence of the behaviors that should be changed. With its indisputable impact on development, marketing has influence on degradation, but it can also build positive customers, organizations, and behaviors. Understood as a philosophy, a way of thinking and doing business, sustainable marketing, which we are interested in, promotes responsibility, conscious consumption, relationships, and sensible business. It is interesting to understand what the generation of young people thinks about the issue – the generation that will manage enterprises in the next few years and create global consumption. In this article, we present a research project aimed at answering the question “is today’s young generation ready to face the challenge of changing their lifestyle based on unlimited consumption for the one that will take sustainability into account as a basis for consumer behavior?”.

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The International Conference World Economy 2019: Learning from the Past and Designing the Future

forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience among researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and students. The discussions during the conference were focused around several important topics related to new phenomena in the global economy, including shifts in economic centers, globalization, global value chains, international migration, trade agreements, sharing economy, development of information technologies, international expansion of enterprises, and use of the Internet. Particular attention was devoted to integration and disintegration

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Market Orientation and Survival of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

Turkish Health Organizations. Health Marketing Quarterly, 32(4), pp.313-329. [49] Na, Y.K., Kang, S. and Jeong, H.Y., 2019. The Effect of Market Orientation on Performance of Sharing Economy Business: Focusing on Marketing Innovation and Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Sustainability , MDPI, 11(3), pp.1-19. [50] Narver, J.C. and Slater, S.F., 1990. The effect of market orientation on business profitability. Journal of Marketing , 54(4), pp.20-35. [51] Nwaizugbo, I.C and Anukam, A.I, 2014. Assessment of Entrepreneurial Marketing Practices Among

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Business models innovation based on crowds: a comparative study

-mediated technology, for example, the sharing economy is rapidly being developed [ Taeihagh, 2017 ]. Crowdsourcing is continuously evolving and a variety of its forms are emerging [ Prpić 2016 ; Prpić and Shukla, 2016 ]. It can be carried out in two ways: by “proprietary crowds” that organizations foster through their own in-house platforms or by using “third-party crowdsourcing platforms” that provide the required IT infrastructure and “built-in crowds” as a paid service. Apart of external crowdsourcing through contests, internal crowdsourcing is used and is a part of an

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Influence of Information Technology on Organization Strategy

-82. [33] Vandermerwe, S., 2014. Gather and Sustain Momentum. Breaking Through. Springer. [34] Vogt, H., 2015. Making Change: Mobile Pay in Africa. [online] Wall Street Journal. Available: [Accessed 03 August 2016]. [35] Wallsten, S., 2015. The Competitive Effects of the Sharing Economy: How is Uber Changing Taxis? New York: Technology Policy Institute. [36] Wu, L. and Chiu, M.-L., 2015. Organizational Applications of IT Innovation and Firm

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