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An Useful Toolf for Diabetes Emotional Distress Assessment: Validation of the Romanian Version of Diabetes Distress Scale

: 174-182, 2012. 17. Vladescu C, Scintee G, Olsavszky V, Allin S, Mladovsky P. Romania: Health system review. Health Systems in Transition 10: 1-172, 2008. 18. Erhmann D, Kultzer B, Haak T, Hermanns N. Longitudinal relationship of diabetes-related distress and depressive symptoms: analysing incidence and persistence. Diabet Med 32: 1264-1271, 2015. 19. Gonzales JS, Delahanty LM, Safren SA, Meigs JB, Grant RW. Differentiating symptoms of depression from diabetes-specific distress: relationship with self-care in type 2

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Health Related Quality of Life of Patients with Diabetes in Romania

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Alien Species of EU Concern in Romania

REFERENCES 1. Anastasiu P. and Negrean G., 2009 ‒ Neophytes in Romania, in Rakosy L. and Momeu L. (eds), Neobiota din România, Presa Universitară Clujeană, ISBN 978-973-610-923-2, 66-97. 2. Angelici C., Marini F., Battisti C., Bertolino S., Capizzi D. and Monaco A., 2012 ‒ Cumulative impact of rats and coypu on nesting water birds: First evidences from a small mediterranean wetland (Central Italy), Vie et milieu , Life and environment , 62, 3, 137-141. 3. Arca M., Papachristoforou A., Mougel F., Rortais A., Monceau K., Bonnard O., Tardy P

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The Analysis of Prevalence and Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus in Romania


Background and Aims Diabetes mellitus (DM) represents a worldwide health problem and a major epidemic during the past decades. The exact number of people with diabetes in Romania is unknown. The aim of this paper was to determine the number of subjects registered with diabetes in Romania. Material and Method: The Romanian Society of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases (RSDNMD) asked the representatives in charge with DM in each county about the total number of subjects registered with DM, the number of subjects with newly diagnosed DM in 2011 and their treatment (insulin or oral drugs). Results: There are 803,489 persons registered with DM, with a national prevalence of 4.21%. The lowest prevalence was observed in Ilfov (0.9%) and the highest prevalence (7.83%) in Bucharest. A total of 125,574 diabetics (15.62%) are treated only with insulin while 81,910 (10.19%) with combined insulin and oral medication. In 2011 have been registered 68.294 new cases of diabetes, with an incidence of 358.63/100,000 persons. The lowest incidence was 91.15 in Giurgiu county and the highest incidence was 718.94 in Arad county. Conclusions: There are large and unexplained differences between counties for both diabetes prevalence and incidence. Consequently, RSDNMD decided to start a national epidemiological study (PREDATORR) that will be carried out in 2013.

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Considerations Regarding the Land Snails from the Upper Timiş River Valley (Banat, Romania)

. M., Horsak M., Sîrbu I. and Gheoca V., 2011 - Forest snail faunas from Transylvania (Romania) and their relationship to the faunas of Central and Northern Europe, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 104, 2, 471-479. 5. Fintha I., Sümegi P. and Szilágyi G., 1993 - A new biotope of Chilostoma banaticum (Rossmässler 1838) in Hungary and its nature conservation aspects, Malakológiai Tájékoztató, 12, 29-33. 6. Gheoca V., 2005 - Preliminary note concerning the terrestrial mollusksfauna of the Târnava hydrographic basin

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Particularities of the Aquatic Vegetation from “Iron Gates” Natura 2000 Site (Banat, Romania)

-II, Tipografia „Cartea Românească”, Cluj, 360. 5. Boşcaiu N., Coldea G. and Horeanu C., 1994 – Lista roşie a plantelor vasculare dispărute şi rare din flora României, Ocrotirea Naturii și Mediului Înconjurător , 38, 1, 45-46. (in Romanian) 6. Braun-Blanquet J., 1964 – Pflanzensoziologie, Springer Verlag, Berlin. (in German) 7. Brönmark C. and Hansson L. A., 2010 – The Biology of lakes and pounds, Second edition, Oxford University Press, 285. 8. Călinescu R., Coteţ P., Florea N., Iancu M., Martiniuc C., Savu A., Sârcu I. and Stoenescu Ş., 1955

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Microclimate Observation at Hermann’s Tortoise (Testudo hermanni boettgeri) Habitat in the “Iron Gates” Natural Park. Case Study: Lower Eșelniţa Watershed (Banat, Romania)

REFERENCES 1. Bazac G. and Moldoveanu M., 1996 – Unele caracteristici ale influenţei mediteraneene asupra climei din sud-vestul României, Terra , XXVIII, 50-54. (in Romanian) 2. Berardo F., Carranza M. L., Frate F., Stanisci A. and Loy A., 2015 – Seasonal habitat preference by the flagship species Testudo hermanni, Comptes rendus biologies , 338, 5, 343-350. 3. Bertolero A., Oro D. and Besnard A., 2007 – Assessing the efficacy of reintroduction programmes by modelling adult survival, Animal Conservation , 10, 3, 360-368. 4. Chelazzi G

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Atmospheric Patterns During the Storms from January 2014 in Bulgaria and Romania

References Apostol L. (2008), The Mediterranean cyclones-the role in ensuring water resources and their potential of climatic risk, in the east of Romania, Present environment and sustainable development, no.2. Bocheva Lilia, Georgiev C.G., Simeonov P. (2007), A climatic study of severe storms over Bulgaria produced by Mediterranean cyclones in 1990-2001 period, Atmospheric research, vol. 83, issue 2-4, pp. 284-293. Chiotoroiu Brindusa (1999), Les tempêtes dans le bassin occidental de la mer Noire, Presses

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Contribution to the biogeography of arctic-alpine fungi: first records in the Southern Carpathians (Romania)

-153. Bon, M. & Cheype, J.-L. 1987. Mycologie alpine au col du Joly Haute-Savoie; altitude 2000 m. - Bull. trimestr. Féd. Mycol. Dauphiné-Savoie 106: 22-27. Bontea, V. 1985. Ciuperci parasite si saprofite din România. Vol. 1. - Editura Academiei Republici Socialiste România, Bucuresti. Borgen, T. & Arnolds, E. 2004. Taxonomy, ecology and distribution of Hygrocybe (Fr.) P. Kumm. and Camarophyllopsis Herink (Fungi, Basidiomycota, Hygrocybeae) in Greenland. - Meddr Grønland Biosci. 54: 1

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Aspects Regarding the Linseed Oil Culture in Romania in the Context of the Ongoing Climate Change

References Administrația Națională de Meteorologie , (2018), 100 de recorduri climatice în România, București. Croitoru Adina Eliza, Piticar A., Sfîcă L., Roșca Cristina-Florina, Tudose T., Horvath C., Minea I., Ciupertea A. F., Scripcă Sabina, Harpa Gabriela Victoria, (2018), Extreme temperature and precipitation events in Romania , Editura Academiei Române. Doucet M., Doucet Ilaria , (1964), Cultura Inului, Editura Agro-Silvică, București. Doucet Ilaria, Doucet M. , (2007), Rezultatele cercetărilor de ameliorare la inul de ulei și

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