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Estonia’s comprehensive approach to national defence: origins and dilemmas

Europeanization - Case of Finland and Estonia. Romanian Journal of European Affairs, 16 (1), 5−23. Markus, R.; Veebel, V.; Lvova, O. (2018). Crisis Management for Public Sector during the European Financial Crisis: Lessons of Estonia in 2008-2011. Proceedings of the 30th International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2017 - Vision 2020: Sustainable Economic development, Innovation Management, and Global Growth 2017-January, 1386-1393 McDonnell, J.P. (2009): National Strategic Planning: Linking DIMEFIL/PMESII to a Theory of Victory. Joint

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Discursive and Institutional Management of Refugees and Their Crisis in Lithuania

Rumuniją’ [Euro got Lithuania naked: in terms of medium wage we are better only than Hungary Bulgaria and Romania] at Mazuronis, Valentinas. 2015. ‘Laikinoji apsauga - planas migrantų krizei spręsti’ [Subsidiary protection - a plan for solution of the migrant crisis] at O’Manique, Colleen

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Does Latvia Matter in Regional Geopolitics?

Estonia. Romanian Review on Political Geography/Revista Româna Geografie Politica, 14(1), pp. 45-50. JOENNIEMI, P., 2012. Turning into a Sovereign Actor? Probing the EU Through the Lens of Neighborhood. Geopolitics, 17(1), pp. 25-46. KARA-MURZA, V.V., 2015. Russia and the Baltics: Once Friend, Now Foe. World Affairs, 2015(January/February),. KAZHARSKI, A. and MAKARYCHEV, A., 2015. Suturing the Neighborhood? Russia and the EU in Conflictual Intersubjectivity. Problems of Post-Communism, 62(6), pp. 328. KESA, K., 2011. Latvian and

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How Russian Soft Power Fails in Estonia: Or, Why the Russophone Minorities Remain Quiescent

References Amnesty International (2006), Linguistic Minorities in Estonia: Discrimination Must End, available at, (last accessed on 4 November 2015). Berg, E. & Boman, J. (eds) (2005), Crossborder Cooperation in Focus: What are the Lessons to be Learned in the Estonian-Russian and Romanian-Moldovan Borderland? (Tartu, Tartu University Press). Brüggemann, K. & Kasekamp, A. (2008), ‘The Politics of History and the War of Memories in Estonia’, Nationalities

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Researching Baltic security challenges after the annexation of Crimea

_Stoicescu_-_The_Russian_Threat_to_Security_in_the_Baltic_Sea_Region.pdf Thompson, L.B. (2016). Why the Baltic States are where nuclear war is most likely to begin. The National Interests. Available from: Veebel, V. (2018a). (Un)justified expectations on nuclear deterrence of non-nuclear NATO members: the case of Estonia and Latvia?, Defense & Security Analysis, 34:3, 291-309. Veebel, V. (2018b). Russia’s Neo-Imperial dependence model: experiences of former Soviet republics. Romanian Journal of Political Science, 17 (1

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