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Comparing Nozzles with Different Wear Rate and Working with the Same Application Rate of Different Plant Protection Products in Aspect of Plants Condition

strawberries and tomatoes. Pest management science , 66(2), 203-212. Ebert, T.A. and Downer, R.A. (2006). A different look at experiments on pesticide distribution. Crop Protection, 25(4), 299-309. Harasim, E., Wesołowski, M., Kwiatkowski, C.A. and Cierpiała, R., (2016). Effect of retardants and nitrogen fertilization on winter wheat canopy structure. Romanian Agricultural Research, 33, pp.195-203. Harms, C.L. and Oplinger, E.S., (1988). Plant growth regulators: their use in crop production. Purdue University, Cooperative Extension Service

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Evaluation of Subsoil Compaction of Plastic Soils

INCO Copernicus Workshop on Subsoil Compaction, Busteni-Romania, June 14-18, 2001, 437-451. Jones, R. J. A., Spoor, G., Thomasson A. J. (2003). Vulnerability of subsoil in Europe to compaction: a preliminary analysis. Soil & Tillage Research, 73, 131-143. Komornicki, T., Zasoński, S. (1965). Powtarzalność wyników oznaczeń niektórych właściwości fizycznych gleb. Roczniki Gleboznawcze, T. XV, z. 2. PWN Warszawa, 315-330. Krasowicz, S., Oleszek, W., Horabik, J., Dębicki, R., Jankowiak, J., Stuczyński, T., Jadczyszyn, J

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